Connect airdrop :-

Connect is a community driven crowd funding platform, specialized  in connecting investors with projects airdropping 10000 tokens.

Requirements to claim airdrop : – mail twitter telegram facebook

Links for airdrop :-


Electronic Energy Coin (E2C) :

Electronic energy coin is block chain based crypto currency  trading platform for green technology is airdropping 20 e2c tokens estimated worth of $10, ends in 19 days.

Requirements to claim tokens :- mail twitter telegram facebook Instagram

Lunks for airdrop :-

Facebook :-

Instagram link :-

Twitter link :-

Mindsync Airdrop (MAI) : –

Mindsync is decentralized and community driven AI platform where everyone can participate in the gradually growing artificial intelligence market as customers expert developer and as supplier, is airdropping  200 tokens total estimated worth of $25 ends in 20 days.

Social media requirements  to claim airdrop : – mail twitter telegram facebook Instagram reedit linkedin bitcointalk

Links to claim tokens : –  mindsync website :-

Telegram to follow

Facebook page to like :-

Instagram account to like :-

Reddit page to follow :-

bitcointalk thread to submit proofs:-

airdrop form :-

Paradise Airdrop : –

Paradise PDT provides a source to the developers to develop decentralized apps , is airdropping upto 1000 pdt tokens worth estimated value of $16 , airdrop ends in 27 days.

Socila media requirements to claim airdrop :- mail twitter telegram facebook reddit

Links to claim tokens : –

Airdrop form to submit eth address : –

Telegram group to follow : –

Twitter account to follow : –

Facebook group to join :-

Reddit page to follow : –

These are the best airdrops of the week with good ico ratings and with clear cutt white paper and roadmap.


  1. AD

    Thanks for the share. Rated. I’ll be honest with you, I used to do a lot of airdrops, but the airdrop fever is now gone. Mind you, you only need one good one like Ontology. A lot of people got rich on the Ontology airdrop.