As the world’s first blockchain asset trading platform focused on EOS ecology, with the rapid development of EOS, Chaince will provide EOS holders and DApp developers with more rich services. At the moment, we are pleased to launch the ChainceBao subscription product, which will bring stable and rich benefits to the users under the premise of guaranteeing the principal.

When you participate in each of the ChainceBao subscriptions, you will receive substantial profits while guaranteeing the security of the principal. Each issue of ChainceBao has a limited share of subscription, first come first served.

The EOS subscription share for each issue of ChainceBao is still stored in the account address of Chaince Platform. Users can query at any time through the block explorer. All accounts of the Chaince platform are secured by multi-signing and are regularly reviewed by the security audit company.

Subscription Period:During this period, you can set the EOS subscription amount (no less than 100 EOS), and once the subscription is confirmed, you will not be able to cancel the operation. No subscription interest is generated during the subscription period.. During the subscription period, if there is a snapshot of an airdrop project, the EOS of your stake will still be counted in the number of snapshots.

Lock Period:During this period, the EOS you subscribed to is locked and cannot be redeemed. If there are airdrop projects taking snapshots during the lockout period, in principle, the EOS you subscribed to will still be fully counted in the number of snapshots. If there are special arrangements for the airdrop project, Chaince team will try our best to win the airdrop rights for you.

Redemption Period:A 72-hour redemption waiting period is set in the EOS code. At the end of 72 hours, EOS will resume flowing. After the redemption operation is completed, Chaince will transfer the corresponding EOS and current income into your account. No subscription interest is generated during the redemption period.

Interest:On the subscription page of Chaince, you can see the description of the subscription interest, the exact amount is subject to the page display.

Your subscription needs to be based on your own knowledge of ChainceBao and a certain trading experience in the blockchain industry. Chaince platform only provides related services. The relevant information is for your reference only. It is not used as your investment and transaction basis. It does not constitute any offer or promise. The resulting transaction risk is at your own risk.

If you have any questions about ChainceBao that you don’t understand or are unclear, please consult the Chaince platform.

If there is any inconsistency of different languages, the Chinese version shall prevail.

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ChainceBao User Agreement

(PS: ChainceBao #1 sold out in 10 mins! #2 sold out in 8 mins!)

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