I hope you have all had a good week thus far🔥

The current price of Bitcoin is $3340 with 24 hour volume is leveling right around 4 billion USD. Since our last update, a week ago today, Bitcoin has dropped roughly $150 resulting in a 4.5% reduction. Volume has been diminishing significantly over the course of the past week.

Nearly a 33% drop off in volume has occurred as crypto markets have begun to momentarily stabilize.

Could this mean a bounce is in the cards?📈

Seeing as how the crypto markets have lost roughly 50% of its value in the past 30 days, a bounce in the near future seems likely. This being accompanied by the current range showing decent stability and gigantic sell volume subsiding offers some promise.

Once again, as crypto price action seems to drag on in no man’s land, the space is marching forwards as positive infrastructure continues to be put in motion.

Germany’s second-largest stock exchange, Boerse Stuttgart Group, is set to launch a cryptocurrency trading platform in the first half of 2019.

This is yet another call to action initiative being implemented by one of the world’s premiere financial institutions. These large financial magnates understand the promise of the blockchain space and the enthusiasm surrounding cryptos.

The implementation of exchanges put in place under the names of reputable trading firms will provide investors more security and clout for the crypto space. This should eventually allow more and more individuals on an international scale to participate in the evolution of the blockchain community.

Consider for a moment that the last bull-run charge was led by the on-boarding of clients onto Coinbase’s platform. Now contemplate that the next bull run will have the internationally recognized brands of Nasdaq, NYSE, and Boerse Stuggart Group, to name a few, providing exposure to crypto. The brand reach there will be more extensive than anything that has ever existed in the space to date.

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