Constantinople  Enabled

A milestone has been reached for Ethereum at the latest core development call, with agreement reached to enable the Constantinople update. Developers have decided that any further delays will only create more problems.

Geth 1.8.20 has been released on GitHub which sets the hard coded fork block number of 7080000. This means Constantinople will activate somewhere between 14 and 18 January 2019 when that block number is reached.

Geth stands for Go Ethereum , which is the the command line interface for running a full ethereum node. These upgrades will change block reward issuance, code execution and data storage. Geth 1.8.20 lays the ground work for the long awaited proof of stake and scalability solutions to be enabled in future releases. 

Github Description

Geth v1.8.20 is a bit of a special release. On one hand it’s the release that finally enables the Constantinople hard fork on mainnet at block 7080000 (and Rinkeby at block 3660663). It’s also our last planned release of the 1.8 family (we’ll still do hotfixes if need be), meaning that we’ll start merging backwards incompatible changes onto master in preparation of Geth 1.9.0 (we don’t have an ETA for it, but January the earliest).Hard code the mainnet and Rinkeby Constantinople hard-fork block numbers (#18268)

Notable Updates

  • Allow overriding the Constantinople hard-fork block from the command line (#18273).
  • Remove the artificial 2K file descriptor limit from Geth, use all allowed (#18211).
  • Support exporting genesis specs to Parity and Aleth from Puppeth (#18172).
  • Support the new (1.23) docker_compose APIs change in Puppeth (18281).
  • Enforce lowercase network names on Puppeth private networks (#18235).
  • Support standard-tracing transactions straight to the filesystem (#17914).
  • Support whitelisting blocks help chain selection during forks (#18028).
  • Support big number constructors on the mobile libraries (#17828).
  • Support arrays of dynamic types in abigen and abi (#18051).
  • Update go-leveldb to reduce CPU overhead a bit (#18205).
  • Warn when using deprecated config files (#18199).

Source: Github –

How To Upgrade

People who installed their nodes using apt originally can simply run:

sudo apt-get update

Nodes on the testnet should upgrade at the same.

For more information on Ethereum nodes go –

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