Most crypto users will be familiar with the website from CoinMarketCap (CMC) that lists over 2000 crypto currencies with their current prices in a selection of fiat currencies. For any new coin or token, it is a major step to get listed on this page as it provides visibility to their project. It used to be quite easy and relatively cheap to get listed but since the ICO explosion last year the requirements to have been increased, as did the price. You need to demonstrate substantial trading volume on a at least 2 exchanges, have a solid group of followers and show a viable project.

Since the ICO hype collapsed, a new form of community-building emerged; the airdrop. Especially in the EOS sphere this has become a popular starting point for new projects that are initially privately financed but need a substantial user base to gain traction. A large number of coins / tokens are literally dropped on thousands of EOS accounts. These are based on snapshots taken from the blockchain data, e.g. all accounts on the EOS genesis block, or all current accounts holding over 1000 EOS, hoping that owners will be curious enough to check out the purpose of the coins that appeared out of nowhere.

Obviously, such airdropped free manna has a value approaching zero, but it usually takes time to build a new company and hey, they may be on to something and came up with a really brilliant idea. It could be a well financed start-up, great developer team, strong concept except for one thing: a substantial user base. Performing an airdrop is a very effective way to start one. Therefor among all these worthless airdropped coins that is “polluting” your EOS wallet, there may be some longterm golden nuggets hidden away.

If you want to check out market prices for most of these “airdroppers”, you will have a hard time finding them on CMC even though they may be trading on a range of EOS-based exchanges.

Fortunately there is an alternative: eosGO


eosGO has a very comprehensive list of tokens that shows total market cap, price (in EOS), 24 h change and total circulation. The screenshot shows a part (and a lucky shot this time: +25%), click the button to see the whole list. A new version is in the making and will soon be launched. This will hopefully have sort options and 7d changes.

eosGO was developed by EOS Asia, currently a reserve BP at #28 (eosasia11111). Take this into account when you do your next voting, they deserve a higher ranking.


EOS Asia

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  1. Candy Man

    I am really new to EOS, only have 210 coins or something and haven’t even set up a wallet yet. I still hodl to binance 😛

    Well, I guess I better make myself a wallet and keep an eye on EOSgo, it seems I am losing a ton of free magic internet money XD