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3 websites that currently offer free EOS

Trust Dice

Claim 0.0005 EOS or 3 TXT every 6 hours. Use latest Scatter desktop to log in. Click claim, complete slider puzzle, click to allow if you’re happy with the contract and you’re done.


Endless Game

Staking ET on this platform requires you to visit every day to claim daily dividends, so it is little effort to click to open the chest. As you can see in the screenshot they have a limited 100 EOS distribution each day, so if you are late in the day, you may miss out.

PRA Candy Box

Currently does not seem to work with Scatter Desktop, though still seems to work with Scatter plugin, no longer supported, I can’t recommend using that method, you can access it through the Meet One mobile app and I suspect there are other methods. Claim your choice of free tokens every 4 hours. Some of them inform that they are airgrabs and require RAM, most seem to only use CPU.  PRA Candy Box does not give free EOS, but it does give free EOS tokens, like OCT, TOB, BG, which are trade-able on dexs, but you will probably have to claim quite a few times to obtain the minimum amount to trade. Unless you are topping up a bag of tokens you already have, consider what to do with your claimed token, many can be staked. BET is not yet trade-able, it is currently auto-staked, you visit their website to claim dividends. Prochain’s own EPRA tokens can be staked here to get more candy. Staking over 10000 will reduced the collection interval to 3.5 hours. The max stake of over five million EPRA gives a collection every hour.

As far as I know these are the only places for free EOS on 2nd January 2019, please let me know if you see any others, thanks


These claims will use your account’s CPU. I find EOS Titan’s resource monitor useful for seeing when CPU is high, as I only have a modest amount of CPU.

Also, if you are short on CPU for gaming, here is an EOS Crash site that does not require any CPU!



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