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There has been much going on the last months regarding casino dividends: Newcomers, some spectacular first payouts, extreme gains and losses for casino token prices on exchanges, changing sizes of paying dividends, lots of new games, even more future announcements and first issues. It can’t be denied that the whole gambling industry about the DICE games and paying dividends has been a big part of EOS the last months. What does the future will bring for the gambling players and casinos, for EOS and for blockchain development in general..? Time will tell, I think the future for all of this will be very interesting in 2019!

So without drifting away into the potential future, let’s get to the currently relevant stuff!Β Here are the trackings of my last casino dividends payouts ROI’s and some other useful stuff to know about the different sites:

The data for the payouts dividends ROI is based on the last dividends I took (which is in most cases from the last two or three days) and calculated down to the average price for one day – together with the current price on exchanges. I added the column for the current price I took, so you can compare with newer or changing prices.

I added a new column which represents the “overall value” (from * = low to ***** = high), which I think fits to that token. This takes into account:

  • Overall performance from the beginning of the project
  • Current value of project and dividend payout sizes
  • Future potential through announcements, projections and estimations (These are all my personal estimates to sum everything up into a single usable rating)

All lines marked in red = May be back in the future, currently no or very low payouts

All lines marked in blue = Didn’t invest anything in them so far. But they have/seem like to have working projects and pay out dividends as well. Will have a look at them and include them here in the future

FISH dividends are now okay at the current exchange prices. However most people have probably paid more compared to the current price…

BEST tokens have been not been decreasing further in the mining size – as I expected in my last article – but kept increasing until today/yesterday. I played when the mining rate was ~600 tokens per 1 EOS bets. Now it stands currently at ~1800 per 1 EOS, but there aren’t any bets possible right now

BET24 is currently only paying out some CHIP tokens, which are worth almost nothing. Like EOSeven and EOSLuckyMe. Probably because of very low activities on these sites …

With all the dividends now hovering around 1% per day there’s something to mention:

If there’s something paying out unusual higher (like 10% per day or even more), then it’s much likely that either the value of the token price will drop or the sizes of the payouts (and therefore probably also the token price shortly after that…). This is of course very often the case when there’s some bonus payout period, like the very first accumulated payouts or some accumulated other payouts that have not yet been paid out and are paid out pretty much “at once”.

So keep this in mind when investing into any dividend token that is paying “out of the ordinary good”. It may not be for very long and involve some risk because of the unsure value price of the token and especially the time needed for unstaking (in most cases 24 hours).

Almost all the prices for gambling tokens dropped very much in value recently! So the current prices of a token is very much lower then what I or probably most other people paid for in the past. In most cases it was usually about the double amount – in some cases, like FISH for example, more like 10x the amount compared to the current value.

This can be

  • alarming (maybe the downwards isn’t finished)
  • maybe a good buy in opportunity (at least with some percentage of investment money that is planned into gambling dividend tokens)
  • somekind of normal correction because of higher payouts in the past and therefore higher prices in the past…

An interesting special case is the BEST token:

I was happy to find out about them through the cryptodividend site on the 23rd of December. The mining rate was very nice and shrinking every hour. So I had reason to believe this would continue like this, simply because I watched it shrinking a few hours and was actually playing also more than I planned to … πŸ˜‰ to mine some – “valuable” as I thought – tokens. But now I had to see them increasing the size of the tokens. Which is indeed a nice way to keep people playing and playing … But it hurts all the other players who played in the past. This reminds me on a lot of games (non gambling related) these days, especially free to play ones: They usually decrease the value of points over the time to make sure new players are still attracted to the games.Β And this happened with the BEST token the last day(s) as I could saw. The last time I could play the mining rate was at about ~600, which was like three times higher than I wrote about in my last article. Currently I don’t know exactly what their plan is, the game is paused right now.

EOS Royale has gained a lot of attention and is the only one with a price that has been mooning the last days:


I can understand why, they are doing their thing good. EOS Royale offers a nice simple roulette game, which is fast to play and has a nice good usable interface. This is what people expect: Just a simple way to bet on something they are familiar with. There doesn’t have to be any special new games. Most gambling people usually prefer what they already know. Of course, I don’t know exactly, but I guess the simplicity of EOS Royale is what it makes it so attractive and successful right now.

Some bad example doing their stuff not so great compared to this is for example EOSeven, who offer some kind of roulette game variation which probably prevents a lot of people even trying it out. EOSLuckyMe is kind of similar with a variation of a poker game, with tons of rules that you probably don’t want to go through so just “simply” play a game ..!

Of course there are always exceptions, but all in all you can’t go wrong with following the KISS principle, which stands for Keep It Simple Stupid.

I think EOS Royale is a nice example of following this credo. EOSeven and EOSLuckyMe right now are good examples of what happens if you don’t follow these rules so far…

That’s it for now, I wish you much gains on token values & your dividends payouts + allready a Happy New Year!

These are all my observations and are only my opinion. These are by no means any investment advices! Do your own research before investing into crypto currecncies or any investment and especially EOS gambling tokens.


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  1. Dukefish

    Another great update on gambling dividends, I think there is going to be a stabilising of the average payout as the next months passby.

    It seems a lot of the early clones of gambling apps are starting to wane and slack off with users and payouts.

    I imagine there will be 3 to 5 survivors of these gambling dapps that will dominate the gambling market.

    Still waiting for Texas Hold em PvP, that is what will cause an upsurge of players and value for the gambling dapps.

    Great articles as always man, well written and you did all the math! Which I personally cant be asked to do it!

    1. Infosion Post author

      Yes think that`s true. As far for now I would only say that probably DICE will be one of them. For all others we will have to see and wait and also expect some newcomers with potential I guess …
      Yeah from my short experience on Poker at FunCity so far I can tell that it’s probably still a far way for real online poker on the blockchain, as you could expect it from stability and fast playability – like for example on PokerStars these days. However I think there might in theory be good opportunities for some new stuff there also. It will probably just take some time …
      Thanks for your kind words, appreciate that! And your welcome, glad if u can make use of it!