Trybe Music Month with Emanate

Emanate is building an exciting audio exchange and collaboration platform on EOS which seeks to enhance the distribution of profits to music creators and collaborators.  Emanate synchronizes the ability for music makers to be fairly compensated for their work and paid quickly, safely and securely.

Trybe understands the need for a truly decentralized music experience on blockchain.  Together, and sponsored by Emanate, we are starting Trybe Music Month.

We recently opened up some categories on Trybe to allow for more content other than cryptocurrency and technology and what better way to be able to use them than a content competition about music.

For the top 20 posts on the following topics, the winner will be awarded 2500 emanate each

-The potential of the emanate platform and why it’s needed

-How music has changed your life

-new song lyrics or an original music video embedded into your post

-Music and blockchain and how the two might interact in the future

To have your content included in the competition make sure you click the Emanate category for consideration.  Then be sure to join their telegram group here where the winners will be announced at the end of November.

Trybe is really excited about the emanate project and look forward to working with them on future collaborations.












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  1. Infosion

    Emanates ambitions are very important for the music industry. From what I saw so far they are doing a great job and have passionate people figuring out problems that need to be solved in that context. Nicely put in the video: “There’s a lack of ‘a musical middle class’ “. That’s very true, this should and can change a lot through decentralization.
    So again a nice and also important promotion here on TRYBE, I’m happy to contribute something to such a good project!