Tanks on blockchain, badass warriors, Minecraft and Sim City challengers, Mendel’s genetics laws in a scifi game, unknown steem-based cardgame, and space unicorn, who produce cookie.

My series of articles, about crypto-related stuffs, what i find while discover the cryptoverse. If you are interested about crypto, you can enjoy my selection!

This article is more teaser, less review, if you are interested, you have to follow one of the most important rule in cryptoverse: do your own study! So, i write, what you can read there, what i can read there, what they say there, and you have to do your own investigation, and make your own decision, it’s your responsibility!




World of tanks, on ethereum blockchain. MMO strategic game, with unique units (erc-721 tokens), and the best feature: you will be able to capture areas and earn ethereum with that! The graphic is cool, and despite the real-time gameplay, what is not my favorite, looks really promising. And i have to say it, finally not a breed game πŸ˜€


Meet the first game in cryptoverse, what enables users to participate with more cryptocurrency/blockchain same time. This game is the first, what released by the 0xGames team, currently on EOS blockchain, release on Etherum is coming the next months, and then the other chains.

This give an opportunity to the players, own their items (what are tokens), and trade with all of it.

The current status is the “pre-sale is over, stay tuned for playable beta”, and in early december, the demo will started, and the end of december, the full version.


LEGO, Minecraft, and a random breed game in one pack. Sounds interesting? Yep πŸ™‚ You can create a character, and you have the copyright ownership! Create original, creative and unique Cubegons, make them in more variant, play combats, trade!

In combats, you can earn more stuffs: Cubego Boxes, EMONT tokens (the Etheremon dev-team make this game too), Special items, Special Cubegons and Battle moves.


Next “hibrid” game, the reviews call it as the child of Monopoly and Sim City. And they are right. Ethereum-based collectible game, where the collectibles, the tokens are the real estates. Or digital estates, in this case. You can build, buy, trade. And you own your assets on blockchain!

For this game doesn’t need the metamask (good news, i don’t like the metamask), and mobile version also available. If you like the city-building games, take a look at it!

The X Game

Not an usual game, because this use the cryptaur blockchain. Actually, this game (what not just a game, as they said) is the main reason for existing of cryptaur. And why i say, its not just a game? Because the platform give to you a whole universe, and you can build your own worlds. The worlds of users can interact trought the marketplace. And a very weird idea: when you breed your creatures, you have to keep the rules of IRL genetics, the Mendel’s genetic laws. This is suck, no more rainbow-colored space-pony πŸ™

Steem Dominion

This game it is on steem blockchain, and i never heard of it before πŸ™‚ Decentralized on the blockchain, but this is a disadvantage, you need a steem account, else you can’t play. I’m not tried it, because doesn’t use the steemconnect for the logging in, so i can’t to say nothing about it πŸ™ I guess, it is a card-game, like the famous Dominion.

Moon, Inc.

Pretty funny game, where you can collect cookies with your space dinosaur, space unicorn (hello X Game), or dark android (android as robot, not as operating system). This three kind of creature work for you, as production units. They bake cookies, not mine, i guess. But i don’t know, why on the Moon, as i know correct, there is not so much cool kitchen πŸ™‚

Notice: originally published by me, on Busy. The pictures are screenshots, from the official pages.

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  1. Nicky Havey

    Aha we have a crypto gamer here! Thanks for sharing some of the games in this space. If I was still a strong gamer like I was 10 years ago, I’d be on these πŸ™‚ Shame about no more rainbow-coloured space-pony though…

    1. Nicholas Post author

      Actually im not a big gamer, or at least, there is no crypto command and conquer yet, so i dont have enough motivation πŸ˜€ But i like discover the cryptoverse, and the games, the gamerverse is growing very fast inside the crypto.

    1. Nicholas Post author

      12 hours is too much. Im just stopped it a few years ago, and right now, i work maximum 8 hours, and the few main-season months 10 hours. It is enough, i want to spend my time to another things πŸ˜‰