The first ever Credits blockchain and Smart Contracts Crypto-Hub Meetup in Nigeria was held in Port Harcourt, Rivers State on the 28 December 2018 at Crown Technologies. Crown Technologies has been a major pioneer of crypto related MVP adoption in recent times and has served as a medium through which people gain sufficient crypto information and also a solace for hungry crypto questions to be filled.

It is in this vein that the Credits blockchain and Smart Contracts platform deemed it fit to have its first Crypto Hub Meetup at Crown Technologies to sensitise its patrons, ICO promoters, Early Adopters, Influencers, Crypto Project Ambassadors, Investors, Developers, staff and all crypto enthusiasts on the Credits blockchain and Smart Contracts which is the Fastest blockchain Ever in the History of blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology has become a force the financial industry has to recon with and its disruptive potencies in the finance sector has kept it in the limelight. It is hard to talk about technologies these days without mentioning the blockchain technology as it has become a house hold name and regularly used technological framework. Its massive adoption has also brought about the need for certain technological and real life challenges to be attended to and solutions to be proffered. Challenges such as Scalability, Security and Consensus mechanisms are the major solutions provided by the Credits blockchain and Smart Contracts in the blockchain framework and also taking it a step further by Building a blockchain that not only stands for Finance but also cuts across different spheres of life such as: Loan services, Internet of Things, Retail, Logistics, Medicine, KYC and other Identification, Exchangers, Intellectual Property and many more.

The Credits blockchain and Smart Contracts platform happens to be the fastest and the most scalable blockchain platform for dApps and it is not just in words but it is proven as the Credits blockchain has been on beta test and has recorded above 1.3 million transactions within a second and this is a record breaker in the history of the blockchain technology. It also has the least transaction fees as it charges as low as $0.001 per transaction which happens to be the least ever on the blockchain framework

The presence of other tokenised projects Ambassadors were heavily felt as they turned out in mass to know more about what the latest Credits blockchain technology will help them perform hitch free transactions for their projects. In attendance was the Ambassador for Midex in Nigeria (Chibuike Noel Amadi), the Ambassador for Karma in Nigeria (Jerry Jackson), the CEO of Kraun Technologies  (C. N. Wisdom) and many more who did honour the invitation to grace this memorable meetup.

A very big thanks to Credits blockchain and Smart Contracts plaform  for the privilege and also to the CEO of Kraun Technologies for finding it necessary to have Credits blockchain and Smart Contracts on his platform.

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