EOS was one of the projects that when I first came to cryptos made for me the most sense, mainly because of their plans and what I read about one of the main creators Daniel Larimer. Of course, they are aiming pretty high and it’s probably not the easiest thing to invent something like this. But I think EOS already shows in which directions it is going and how they can show progress over time continually.

When I first read about EOS back then I wrote down a note like “Blockchain OS”. Okay … OS (Operating System) is already in the name, so the comparison to Microsoft Windows is not that far … I still think this sums up the best what EOS aims to be in short – may be you should only rather call it a “Blockchain OS computer system”, then it fits better. But I mean this not only metaphorically because of “OS” but rather also because of the similiarity dominance in the market share. Especially if you compare it to their competitors.

I think one of the main advantages of EOS is that they are working on their project already for a long time and in relation to other “competitors” you can see their development and you have people using and testing it. For me this is some kind of the first wave of acceptance for this project.

Simply because they started so early with their development I think they have a huge advantage over any competitors. And speaking about competition I think it is pretty hard to compare any project against EOS because of it’s already great variety of use cases. Thinking about it is probably pretty obvious right now that in future there will always be individual other alt coin projects that are better in some use cases EOS tries to solve.

But you already can get a sense of what EOS will be involved with when you just look right now how many projects and therefore coins are already created there. Trybe is also a nice example of that! For me personally I can say that I probably wouldn’t have heard of Trybe yet if there wouldn’t have been EOS and the airdrops.

EOS is pushing the idea of airdropping coins for free rather than creating a “standard ICO” and selling them to high prices. If you think about it: If a project IS really good it probably GETS valuable on some point… – it just needs a good project, people using it and time. Not per se a huge price or audience in the beginning – that may help some projects but for some projects it’s probably better to get their quality of the “thing they do” better BEFORE it can really be used by lots of people (fixing bugs and testing the scalability step by step …).

So if the coins are not really worth anything in the beginning you will at least attract some people in the first place because they are either interested in the free coins or the project. Maybe they also get somehow in relation to that project.

But if you invest money into a coin through an ICO or anything you are automatically more focused on making a investment decision. You want to buy low and sell high … and you don’t care as much what the project does – that´s priority #2 for most people. And I don’t think they should feel bad or guilty about that it. That´s just how most of us humans are..!

On the other hand if you somehow got a lot of coins for free – let´s say because the project awards them with coins of their system THEN you are not only have an interest in selling your coins for a higher value (which you probably will always have a natural tendency for ..;). But also – to make it possible that your coins can gain faster – your interest in the project is automatically bigger than it normally is as if you invested in something with money value.

I think one of the best examples for this concept is Trybe. Everyone who was around here the last months can probably say that you can see that the concept works really nice here with Trybe! They created a very nice coin, site, great new high quality content from users who are passionated and bringing the “win/win/win/…” concept to a new level.

So from what I learned so far EOS is doing a great job already of being more than just a coin, computing power, ICO, big eco system, … It already has a lot of interesting connections with other projects that are either created by EOS, somehow connected to EOS or EOS itself solving lots of different use cases. Also keep in mind that they are just getting things started which means things can evolve very much further from now on.

Concerning the price value it’s not really any surprise that the price went pretty much up before the important snapshot date back in June this year. Also keeping in mind the importance of the use cases from various dApps that may be developed in the future the current all time highs may be definitely broken if you expect acceptance and usage for the blockchain community.

So combined all of that EOS is one of the pretty sure candidates for the future for me.

This is not financial advice, but my opinion. You should also never ever listen to what somebody says blindly and do what they tell you – this concerns investing in crpyto currencies, any investments in general and your life – YOU make your own decisions!

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