Do you enjoy playing poker? The poker (gambling) industry is one the most lucrative industries in the world. However, many players question the fairness of the RNG( random number generator) system due to its lack of transparency. Pocket AA loses way too often to lower pockets, bad beats happen more often than they happen in live games, or so do people think. There’s no way to prove those accusations. Let’s say you’re a rich boy who can easily afford to reload your poker account. Theoretically, a centralized system would be able to recognize that pattern and send more bad beats your way. I’m not saying it happens. I’m just saying it could be programmed to do that. It’s up to you whether you trust or doubt the centralized system. If you want to watch an interesting online poker documentary have a look at the ‘Online poker is a scam’ video uploaded to Youtube by the user Robers Dee. I still play online, even though this documentary left a deep impression.  Do I trust the centralized shuffling system? It depends on the site.

Blockchain is once again here to save the day. CoinPoker, the first crypto poker company that minted its own currency( CHP), has created a decentralized shuffling system where players participate in the shuffling. The new RNG system provides transparency, so players can go back to the previous hand and analyze it. They’re also offering a 1 million CHP bug bounty to the person who can prove that their RNG system is wrong.

You can find out more at There’s a 1000 CHP promotion campaign if you download the CoinPoker app and try it. There are many free rolls every day where you can play and earn cryptocurrency for free.

Disclaimer: I am directly involved in the project. This is not financial advice.

*The videos posted belongs to CoinPoker, the company I represent in Japan. I have permission  to share it with the world.

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  1. Infosion

    Very nice article!
    Have played a lot of online poker until I almost completely stopped a few years ago. Not because of this you mentioned … I’ll watch the video later, sounds interesting! I assume that most RNG’s are probably fine, due to the law. Most sites wouldn’t gamble on that I guess. However it’s a question HOW these RNG’s are operating excactly. Also I think there’s lots of differences when it comes to “random” and the right use with the genereated output concerning the “quality” of random …
    From my experience I can simply say that I percieved differences for example from PokerStars, FullTilt, PartyPoker or others. At least it seemed like it… I mean the setup hands on FullTilt were sometimes really amazing .. 🙂 But however I think this is mainly only human perception.
    Thanks reminding me about CHP! Wanted to give this also a deeper look. Just watched the price from time to time and it’s sad to see it going down and down … but think it’s great to have the first working solution for online poker with the blockchain ready there so far

    1. AD Post author

      A poker player! Nice! There’s a reason behind the price drop. ICO was very successful. Because of that, the team decided to give back to the community hundreds of thousand dollars worth of CHP. That combined with the bear market was a terrible strategy. Tournament winners dumped the free coins on the small exchanges CHP was listed on. The result was what you see now. The team has an ace up the sleeve though, so nobody is panicking. As an investor, it stings though. I myself started as an investor, so I know the feeling. Also, recently the team chose focusing on improving the product rather than market a flawed product. There’s a big partnership coming up too. I’ll talk about it when/if it becomes official.
      Thank you for stopping by and thank you for the feedback. If you want to give the new RNG a try you can play for free once every 60 minutes if I’m not mistaken.

      1. Infosion

        Yeah, I still like poker very much 🙂 It’s just a nice game and especially in real live games with some friends it’s allways a lot of fun I think.
        Thanks for the nice summary. That makes sense! Unfortunate, especially if you’re an early investor. But sounds that it could be a good time to get in. From what you’re describing this sounds like the team has a good plan! You can’t change the past, but think this sounds all good for the future of it.
        Okay, happy to give it out a try!

        1. AD Post author

          The whole cryptoverse, mate. 2019/2020 will be the bridge to mainstream adoption, I expect. Almost any product that has a good team behind and a good product should be able to turn it into a success in the following 2 years. What are your favorite projects?

          1. Infosion

            In general I favor EOS over the other “big ones”. Inside EOS I thought by the end of last year that it makes a lot of sense to get in early in the gambling DApps, because you could see the most changes happening there.
            Think the whole spectrum and therefore competition in the gambling DApp scene is very good. As it looks for now, these are my favorite ones to look for in the near future, when it comes to gambling DApps on EOS:
            – DEOS Games
            – DICE
            – some new one(s)
            (- ET)
            (- EOSRoyale)
            (- MEV)
            (- EOSMax)

            The last months also showed me that TRYBE is probably a much much more “safe” one to invest than any gambling token. The XMas 2:1 promo had really nice value, as each airdrop has and also in the end every article you publish.

            PARSL is also a versy exciting one, because of the airdrops. Price is dropping because of that, but the project is great and has the best potential for a cannabis use case on the blockchain.

            Think outside EOS, CHP might be very interesting right now.
            And I’m honest, about the rest I’m not really up to date on a lot of stuff. But in general I think BTC and ETH are still too important to ignore, but uncertain futures.

            I had more belives in the past into projects like IOTA for example but I changed my mind about them pretty much.

            I’m happy to give Lumen a more detailled look now, because of the TRYBE contest and I think it’s one of the projects that is currently worth watching more.

            Well yeah I think there’s allways some more, but think these are probably the most important ones 😉

            1. AD Post author

              I’ll be honest with you, if EOS had 1 gambling token, I’d be all over it. Literally. The fact that there are so many of them makes me more skeptical when it comes to their success.
              I’ve heard many people are bullish on Dice, including a good friend of mine.
              Trybe is a good investment because of the problems Steemit is facing+ Trybe can learn from those mistakes.
              I’ve never heard of PARSL, but I will check it out in a bit.
              I don’t think it’s too late for IOTA…. and yes, XLM and Lumen have a bright future, I reckon.

  2. Luke Phoenix

    “The new RNG system provides transparency, so players can go back to the previous hand and analyze it. They’re also offering a 1 million CHP bug bounty to the person who can prove that their RNG system is wrong.”
    Sounds nice!

    1. AD Post author

      Luke, that’s right, mate. Still a lot of things that need to be worked on, but getting there. Transparency= blockchain. Thank you very much for stopping by.