Yesterday, I visited the Coinme Bitcoin ATM by my house and deposited a $20 bill. I was able to buy an amazing 72 STEEM coins with it and powered them up on Steemit. Amazing, just a year ago, when STEEM was at its all-time high, this would have cost me approximately $570. This is an opportunity for people to become early adopters in the paid social media arena. I am a huge fan of Trybe and Steemit and will continue to participate and build community here.

Steemit has been rocked by the news of 70% layoffs. At the same time, General Motors has plans to lay off approximately 14,700 auto workers. The economy is headed into a potential downturn, so large layoffs are not so shocking, especially during the cryptocurrency bear market of 2018. The value of STEEM is in the community. The more people use the STEEM blockchain to build community, the more value we will all have.

STEEM offers everyone the opportunity to participate in the future of social media. With Dapps including Dtube (Youtube), Dstors (Amazon), Steem monsters (Gaming), Actifit (Fitness Apps), Steepshot (Instagram) and many more, the STEEM blockchain is much bigger than just and Steemit Inc. Anyone can purchase STEEM coins at the present moment and become an early member of this revolutionary product.

If STEEM was only Steemit, the 70% layoffs would have shaken me more than they have. I am confident that STEEM will not only survive, but thrive in 2019. There will be global growth, and the eventual bull market recovery will spike STEEM’s price for some profit taking. If you use any form of social media, why not get paid to conduct your business? Imagine getting paid daily to do the things large companies profit off of you. That’s the future, and you can be part of it in a big way right now.

Join me on Steemit @wstanley226 and @dominion01. Follow me on Trybe. Friend me on Scorum at @wstanley224.


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  1. Infosion

    Thanks for this reminder!
    You never know what the future brings. I think TRYBE has lots of errors fix which STEEM can’t get rid of. But because of it’s early presence and the power of the decentralisity it probably still has good value for the future..!