– 4000 TPS in the mainnet, which is way higher than any other crypto project in top10.
Jungelnet showed TPS of 16,922 recently. Multithreading will increase the TPS as much as demanded in the future.

– EOS can be upgraded without having to fork. – Therefore the Blockchain will evolve continually

– Airdrops
By holding EOS tokens you will get free airdrops from EOS projects. Currently these free airdrops valuation is close to a $1bn

– Sister Chains
Currently 2 sister chains (Worbli / Telos) and being launched and airdropped to all EOS token holders for free. These will eventually have inter-Blockchain communication.

Dan Larimer Effect
Dan is a celebrity in crypto space, having built 2 major crypto projects (Steem and Bitshares), His vision is a key factor for EOS’s success. He recently stressed his commitment +(100 Engineers working with him) for the project.

$1bn to fund Dapps in the Eco system (EOS VC Initiative)
o $200m VC fund with Blockchain veterans Michael Cao and Winnie Liu, which will make strategic investments in Asia-focused projects utilizing EOSIO

o $325m VC fund with Mike Novogratz’s Galaxy

o $100m FinLab AG and Block.one VC Fund

o $50m SVK Crypto and B1 fund.

o $50m Tomorrow Blockchain opportunities fund

o More announcements to come… this is not all, $4bn fund collected will be used in the future to make sure EOS to be the #1 Blockchain in the world.

Only 2 projects funded by these VCs has been published yet (Everipedia $30m / Mythical Games $16m),
Therefore a lot more announcements to come in the future.

– Investments from PayPal’s Peter Thiel, Bitmain’s Jihan Wu in EOS

– Blockchain with human readable names

– Blockchain with the highest number of transactions

According to Blocktivity, EOS currently process well over 45million transactions per day. In comparison Ethereum average 600k and Bitcoin average 500k

– Growing Dapps in the ecosystem.
After 6 months since the mainnet launch, EOS home to well over 200+ Dapps

– Highest number of active users

EOS has the largest number of active users using Dapps, well over ETH or Tron.

– Zero transaction fee

EOS charges no transaction fee, encouraging the users to interact with Dapps without having to worry about the transaction fee

– 500m tokens out of the total supply is staked

Dapp developers and the users need to stake tokens for the resources they use. Hence the liquidity of the market reduces as the tokens are taken out of the market.

Hackathon series around the world to get developers on-board

o Cape Town (Coming up)

o San Francisco

o London

o Sydney

o Hong Kong

– Blockchain with the highest user security

Set permission levels for key pairs depending on the level of security required. Facility to change the key pair as required while keeping same account. Unstaking takes 3 days, hence time for action if the account is hacked.

– Carbon neutral block producers

The new initiative all the 21 BPs + 50 backup producers will contribute to carbon neutral program.

– Block Producers
BPs are not there just to produce blocks (mine) unlike other crypto projects. They need to invest in Dapps, Education and the betterment of the Blockchain in order to be elected by the community

– Blockchain governance
For the first time, token holders in crypto space have their say. Soon when the Referendum system goes like, token holders can propose amendments to the constitution and make their voice.

– Passive income
REX will bring the passive income for the token holders when launched by B1. However, for now, token holders can invest in number of Dapps which offer staking rewards for passive income (BetDice, EOSBet, EOSMax, KARMA, to name few)

One of the only coins to surpass the ATH during the middle of the bear market.

– ECAF – (EOS Core Arbitration Forum)
If your account got hacked ECAF can help you to some extent. This is under discussion and exploring the opportunities to automate the process.

– Upcoming BlockOne’s apple wallet and the free accounts for users.

– Potential Future developments

o UBI (Universal Basic Income)

o Privacy Coin

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  1. Paul

    Please do a better investigation before writing the bullish article. Examples:
    “Currently 2 sister chains (Worbli / Telos) and being launched and airdropped to all EOS token holders for free. ”
    Worbli is not airdroping tokens to every EOS hodler. You must do KYC (send them your personal data) to claim the sharedrop. Their website is full of bugs.
    (Dan) “He recently stressed his commitment +(100 Engineers working with him) for the project.”
    Last commit in June?

    1. Chamith Post author

      So does doing a KYC and getting free token cost you anything ? Its still free. You dont have to pay dollars. Please refer the above link from Ian Jeffreys for the medium article from Dan. Do you expect Dan to write all the codes for EOSIO ? Or expect every B1 employee to use Dan’s Github login ?