So media has been a blessing for businesses, I mean I can imagine how difficult it could have been for business owners to keep in touch with their customers and audience before the invention of SM.. But with social media, a business owner can communicate instantly with their audience and have insight into their target audience.. But just every other thing in life, a business owner can make mistakes to while trying to build their brand, so in this new year, here are some things to note in order to build a strong presence on Social media..

* Determine which social network works best for your business. Take your time to try out all the channels and know which network your audience uses most and focus on that.. No need wasting time in a network that your audience is not even active in..

* So who do you want to attract? what type of people do you need as your audience? Building a social media presence is like marketing, you need to know your target audience in order to yield productive results in marketing. Same way for your social media business, you have to know your audience in order to create contents that suits their preferences, remember it is all about the consumer.

* Filter everything over and over again before posting not just for grammatical errors but for posterity sake, you don’t want to mistakenly post personal contents or provocative tweets, you might delete immediately but then you don’t know who saw and saved them before you deleted them. To make it easier set your privacy settings and protect your passwords..

* The internet never forgets.. I recently saw a story of a doctor that lost her job as a result of provocative tweet she made against the Jews 12 years ago. So build a solid positive reputation with your future in mind by inculcating good behavior. You won’t only earn the trust of your consumers, you will also have them talk about you to their friends and followers thereby increasing your costumer/fan base..

* Engagement is the key.. If you can’t be available all the time to engage with your audience, hire someone to do the job. Customers feel more comfortable when they are taking to a human not a bot. It show that they are important to you, so even if you want to automate posts make sure that a *human* does the interaction.

* Just because humans are sensitive and you’ll be dealing with different kinds of them, you need to be careful in your engagement. Learn how to keep your emotions in check when you see negative comments. Reply negative comments, ignoring them will make your audience change their perspective towards you, also don’t delete them. These comments enable you interact with your audience, so always respond..

* Don’t post at odd hours. Monitor your audience and know when you have a reasonable amount of them online, this will enable you engage with them. So don’t post when there is no one to reply.

* Be original and creative.. I know of a business owner that stole contents from her competitor on Instagram, it was a messy scenario when the original author called her out. So be original and be creative in your contents.

* Be open minded.. No one knows it all, it might be your business but there are things to learn from your audience during interaction. So be teachable, acting like you know it all will make you look arrogant and proud to your audience and it is a huge turn off. Assure your audience that you are open and that you listen to them.

* Sometimes it is good to keep your audience in suspense. Don’t give out so many information at once, allow them to look forward to something. It might be a new product launch, look for creative ways to make excited and looking forward to it. Most times giving out so many information makes a page boring and basic.

These tips will help any business owner to build a strong presence in Social media.. If i missed any point, kindly drop in the comment section..

Good luck.

Thanks for reading..

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  1. AD

    Rated, thank you. It’s crazy and exciting at the same time that you could make millions from your laptop through social media. I underestimated it, I must say.
    7 years ago I had 10.000 subscribers and gave up on making music. I quit it cold turkey:)