The adoption of Bitcoin is gradually reaching to a level whereby all humans on earth and beyond would be able to use the digital currency at any given time. The latest news that was published by cointelegraph states that one of the giants in the blockchain development section, by name Blockstream Inc. has launched a wireless broadcasting satellite for Bitcoin in the space. According to the source, the launch was made on the 17th day of Dec 2018.

The latest launch aims to disseminate the Bitcoin network in the Asia Pacific region just like how it has successfully covered the transactions carried on the Bitcoin network in areas like Africa, Europe, South and North America, and in the process, foster mass adoption in a rapid manner.

Having seen that the previously launched satellite services in other 5 continents of the world has brought about internet-free Bitcoin transactions and information sharing to crypto users as easy as anything, they decided to extend its services to the Asia Pacific region.

Not only did Blockstream Inc. launched Bitcoin Broadcasting Satellite in the Space, they also launched a new application programming interface (API) which will aide the transmission of encrypted messages on the satellite network. Payments for the services rendered by this newly advanced technology in the blockchain industry will be made in fractions using Bitcoin’s lightning network.

The new development is believed to eliminate all forms of traditional connections such as the ADSL connections and fibre optic networks.

If I am to be asked what I think about this new development brought in by Blockstream Inc. into the blockchain industry, I would simply say “we are already there”. And what do I mean by that? I meant that we are gradually taking a full step into what is known as massive adoption in the crypto world. Even, the CSO of Blockstream Inc. Samson Mow said that the newly launched satellite will be of great help to traders in remote parts of the world as it would replace the traditional means of getting connected to the internet before transacting any blockchain activity, in the same way, help foster Bitcoin Mining only for a small amount fee considered to be affordable by all, even the poor.

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