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It’s champoinship week. That means we have some good games today. This will be the final week of Best the Capper: College Edition.. I’ll do something special for the playoffs, or a pick to win competition.  Here is your chance to make the games matter even if your team didn’t make it to their championship game.

How it works

– I give you my experts picks for the games. If you don’t agree with the picks, change a few

– Follow, Rate, and comment with your picks, include all picks even if you pick the same as me

– Anyone who beats my expert picks will win 💰30,000 Moneybags for The-City

*Entries must be made by 5:00pm Eastern US Time

My Picks

Matchup                                        | My Pick

Texas +8/Oklahoma -8                 | Texas

Memphis +3 / UCF -3                  | UCF

Alabama -12.5/ Georgia +12.5     | Georgia

Fresno State -0/ Boise St. +0        | Fresno State

Clemson -27.5 / Pittsburgh +27.5 | Pittsburgh

Northwestern +14.5/ Ohio -14.5   | Northwestern

So all you have to do is follow, rate, and comment with picks that will beat mine. Here is an example of an entry with my picks:




Fresno State



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