Dungeon Hunt – A TRYBE game with D&D theme! test


Being a “learning by doing” type of person, I have made a new game to play with EOS & Trybe tokens.

This time with a little bit enhanced UI and increased React experience.

I called this game Dungeon Hunt.

The login screen gives all the information on the game play.

As you click on the monsters, the below opening window will give the information about how to hunt that monster.


For playing, you have to login with your Scatter account.

Only after login, you will see the gaming UI.

You can choose to play with EOS or TRYBE.

You can adjust the bet amount while for EOS min bet is 0.1 EOS and max bet is 1 EOS.

For TRYBE, min bet is 10 TRYBE and max bet is 100 TRYBE.

What you have to do is first choose a monster to hunt, then roll 3 dices by pressing ROLL button and wait for the result of the hunt.

There are 5 types of monsters you can choose to hunt.

1- Rats : Very weak, HP is only 7. This means, you can hunt a rat with 7 total of 3 dices. But the reward of hunting a rat is very low.

2- Goblins: Weak. HP is 9. This means, you can hunt a rat with 9 total of 3 dices. The reward of hunting a goblin is 1.2 times the bet amount.

3- Orcs: Average power. HP is 11. You can hunt an Orc with 11 total of 3 dices. The reward of killing an Orc is 1.8 times the bet.

4- Trolls: Strong monsters. It is risky to chase a Troll. HP is 13 and it pays back. The reward of killing a Troll is 3.5 times the bet.

5- Dragon: A dragon is not a monster to mess with! HP is 15 and you have only 10% chance of killing a dragon. But the bounty is 9.5 times the bet, so it is worth a shot for the bold only.

As you choose the monster and click roll, you will be asked to send the bet ( hunting cost ) via Scatter.

As you accept sending the hunting cost, you will be informed on the block number and transaction ID of the transaction.

Then you will have a nice dice rolling animation ( i hope this works fine on the server!) and be informed on the result.

The reward will be transferred immidiately to your account and you will se it at the top right corner.

I really had fun making this game and I hope you will enjoy playing it.

The game will be live as beta again this week ( I still have some kinks to solve!)

I would really appreciate any feed-back on the gameplay or improvement ideas of any kind.


DX.Exchange Trading of Tokenized Shares is HUGE For Blockchain! But Why?

There is an exchange based in Estonia which is called the DX Exchange and they are launching shares of Nasdaq companies on their digital asset exchange today, January 7th, 2019.

DX Exchange is launching with the listing of traditional securities such as Apple, Tesla, Amazon and 7 other Nasdaq listed securities in the format of tokenized shares with plans to expand its offering in the near future.

This is absolutely huge for the blockchain space, and eventually EOS, once the word gets out to mainstream that it’s the most scaleable, agile, and used blockchain in the crytpocurrency space. I shared this with a good friend of mine when he called to get information regarding cryptocurrency and he asked me the following question:

“What does this (having digital securities) mean and why is it important?”

As a result of him not being in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, I didn’t have the energy to retort to his question. It was a bigger bite than I was willing to chew at the moment. However, that question sparked the inspiration for this blog post.

So, why is this news of the tokenization of traditional securities (i.e. security tokens) being backed, 1 to 1 of a regular share so huge?

The initial thing that stands out to me is that, this will provide the ability to track interest from investors utilizing blockchain technology to determine the demand for products that can improve traditional financial markets. These investment products listed on the DX Exchange will be controlled by DX Exchanges partner company MPS MarketPlace Securities LTD. The Ethereum network is the blockchain on which these tokenized securities will be based. Ownership of these tokens will also provide holders with the same cash dividend which is also a big plus, being as though the companies themselves aren’t involved.

This is important in my opinion because the interest and demand driven by investors to the DX Exchange will show traditional marketplaces and companies that there is a demand for these types of products. Jeff Bezos is possibly, currently unaware of why shares of Amazon should be security tokens on a blockchain. A healthy demand from investors will bring his attention to that need.

Based on the DX Exchange and MPS MarketPlace Securities LTD partnership, currently this implies an intermediary between the Ethereum Blockchain (Trustless) and you. However, in the future this will not be the case. The security tokens (tokenized shares) will eventually be endemic and launched by Nasdaq, NYSE, S&P 500 companies etc. on the blockchain directly.

Security Tokens on a blockchain provide several advantages over ordinary shares from traditional markets. Some of which are identified below:

1. 24/7/365 anyone can buy or sell GLOBALLY. Currently can only do so on a national scale. As you could imagine this greatly increases the availability and demand for your companies stock (tokenized shares).

2. The ability to purchase fractional shares. Unlike traditional stock markets where you have to purchase all or nothing of a share, tokenized securities allow you to purchase parts of a share. Instead of buying an entire share of Amazon at $2,000 USD, you can purchase a 16th of a share for $125 USD. Which is much more enticing and affordable to your typical retail investor.

3. The ability for essentially instant settlements from one token to USD for example or from selling an Apple security token for the purchase of a Tesla security token, without the need to go back into USD first. Currently you sell your shares of Apple and wait for the settlement of USD to occur which takes 3 days. Only after the settlement of those funds occur can you then use those funds to purchase shares of another company.

Immediately, it’s pretty obvious that these are pretty significant benefits to investors. The possible benefits to the companies I haven’t even identified here, keep that in mind. There’s zero doubt in my mind that these are a few of the many advantages that blockchain technology provides. As demand for these products are shown, more and more of these types of products will come about. This is the first step of many to follow.

I’ll sum this up here, as I hope I’ve began to paint a vivid enough picture on where I believe this all is headed. Further connecting the dots to a point where the road meets the pavement, unlike our past time where the internet was this new, big, shiny thing that no one really understood in the early/mid 90s (i.e. Today Show, “What is Internet, Anyway?”). Blockchain technology provides a similar but larger opportunity and if you’re paying attention, it has the same energy around it. Soon you’ll hear people, if you haven’t already stating “What is Blockchain, Anyway?”

Hint: Retail investors (typical 9 to 5’ ers), couldn’t invest in “the internet” directly, nor an accredited investor (net worth exceeding $1 million or income that is above 200K annually, typically). However, accredited investors had the opportunity to invest in applications/websites (i.e. pets.com, amazon.com, aol.com, etc.) built on top of “the internet” during that time period (before it was available to retail investors). Well, retail investors can invest in “the blockchain”, now. Investors or interested parties can learn about, purchase, hold, and or use Ethereum, EOS, Cardano, Tron, etc. in an attempt to get ahead of and identify what will be the next big thing, Internet 3.0 (Blockchain Technology).

We’ll dive further into this in my next blog post, “The Internet vs. The Blockchain”, coming soon.

Please Follow me here on Trybe and Twitter @UptownAlchemist for the latest updates.

Thanks for reading.

Problems of EOS (Update 7-1-2019)

Blockchain can change the world but it may not be EOS

As an investor of different Cryto projects, I believe that EOS is one of the block chain with great potential and advanced technology. However, you may also like me starting to aware that there are many problems in EOS which come from DPOS (Delegated Proof of Stake) and its voting system. Here is my opinions and suggestions to relevant parties including Block.one, existing active BPs, Mr Dan Larimer and other community members and hope that it will be constructive and can help to fix the problems.


If you are small investors but has invested quite a big portion of your wealth in EOS, it is crucial to voice out and express your concern. Though EOS is still more advanced and successful when compared with other chains, once the confidence is lost it cannot be recovered so easily. Not to mention that other chains are also putting great effort to improve themselves.


Though we have heard a lot appraisal to EOS from different youtubers or from other media, now it is time for you to express your concern and advice to the community.

mentioned by Kyle of EOSVIBES and other Youtuber commenters like Crypto Tim recently, several major problems of EOS have come out continuously. Recent twitter post from Brendan Blume , the CEO of Meet.one said that Vote rewards from BPs may be good. Though some good dapps like Chintai and game developed by StartEOS are quite amazing and you can get some rewards from them too, but you need to vote for them as your Proxy. 


That mean what you received is not free but you need to sell your voting rights.

*Some very good BPs like GeneEOS , Cyperglass, TeamGreymass are not currently top 21 BPs. *

As an investor of EOS, it cannot be denied that EOS is collapsing and the evidence are stated as follows. In some situation, these phenomenons are inter-related too. They are basically structural and political issue.


Major Problems being observed recently :

  • Vote buying and selling from whales/Exchanges (Eg. Houbi)
  • Power for Whales/Exchanges in top 21 BPs selection are amplified
  • Collusion among BPs (StartEOS and its affiliates, Houbi and its affiliates)
  • Proxy buying (Eg. Dapps of StartEOS, Chaintai )
  • Voting by Exchanges (eg. Houbi)
  • Dispute between ECAF and BPs  ( Key losing issue)

Since EOS is new but so far its achievement is great, it is worthwhile to protect it and keep EOS becoming more perfect. On the other hand, long term success of EOS is crucial to the community especially for BPs and VC funds and other long term investors who already invested to EOS.


As you know there is Path Dependence phenomenon for any system. That mean once any system pick up a wrong way, bad habit or accepting even very minor defects, the system will be self reinforced itself and it will get worse until it totally collapse because all the rent seekers inside will reject any change even it is a good suggestion since any change will definitely damage a group of rent seekers since it will take out their cheese. Moreover the collapse will be fast and sudden which I think it may be more vigorous and fast especially in Crypto world.


There is a voice in the community saying that higher voting rate can improve the situation. I totally agree that It is true but it may not happen at all owing to many reasons.

  • Hidden cost community paid for Voting
  • Liquidity need (Redemption need by institutional investors, Traders, etc)
  • Human nature and habit of general people.
  • Money say in EOS system. Small investor will think that their votes really doesn’t matter thus they are not eager to vote.

Cost of voting:

Have we make any calculation about how much it cost for voting ? Are we ready to pay for it as one of the community members?

  • Time and effort for searching good BPs and keep observing their performance
  • If you vote you need to stake and un-staking need 3 days which impose liquidity loss (3 days market crash can make you may lose 50%)
  • Time cost and you need to refresh it. (Votes will decay by time) Scatter now can let you choose to auto re-proxy only every week. Is vote decay necessary for the community? If it is  “yes”,  tools which can enable us to choose “auto re-vote ” automatically every a certain period will make our life easier.
  • Token security (is it better to keep in hardware wallet and disconnect from internet?) Some investors will still try to minimize frequency of connecting their wallet online. Even though now we can use ledger to vote, many of them don’t want to interact with it so frequently. For institutional investors and fund managers, they will also consider security, administration work, voting necessary, etc and see which is top priority for them.
  • Token short term trading/business opportunity loss

If we add the volatility nature during the calculation, the ROI demand for doing the Voting for me 25% per year is reasonable. (If you come from Finance world, you will know that the premium you can receive by selling an one year long or put option is very high).


Some more problems

  1. The current system is not one people one vote and so whale/Exchanges/BP with tons of EOS now basically can decide who can be the active 21BPs. Do the current situation of 1 EOS 30 BPs Votes too many or too little? Shall we make it 1 EOS 1 vote, 1 EOS 5 votes, 1 EOS 50 votes or even1 EOS 100 BP votes? We need to think about it. The original design or simulation done before may say that 30 votes/EOS is good. However, I doubt whether it is suitable nowadays as EOS system is changing every day.  In my opinion, the more BPs Votes / EOS is, the more room/capability for whales/ Exchanges for selling their votes. The reason is that the absolute difference (net amount difference) between whales and small investors will be multiplied and becoming bigger. If Whales/exchange has only 1 vote/EOS, they can only vote small number of BPs they prefer. If they have 100 votes/ EOS, you can image how many votes they can sell to others. 
  2. Now there is no way beside self-discipline to prevent any person setting up several BP companies in order to pretend that they are different BPs. Moreover, the name of his mom, his brothers can also be used to set up companies and as a result EOS will become more centralized. StarEOS is one famous example. Then can 1 EOS 1 BP vote help to solve this problem? Or less BPs votes/ EOS, the situation will become less balanced.
  3. Can any Dapps request users vote for their them or even their selected Proxy before we can use the dapps? Is it good to the community? I am totally convinced to vote for developers if they are BPs or even pay for their work but not willing to lose my voting or my proxy rights of 30 votes. Votes are very valuable. 
  4. Is Proxy function really necessary? Is Proxy function creating more problems for the community? Can we cancel the proxy function from EOS? I think that it is no harm to cancel this function.
  5. In future, token rental like Rex/ Chintai/ others resource rental platforms will take the tokens out from us via smart contract. Can we from the code level keep the voting right to owners even we rent the token out? If not, can these platforms create many proxies in order to let us choose? Choices are cruicial to the community.
  6. Resource rental of EOS has pro and con too. As you know the pro side, how about the con side?  In my opinion, reasonable expensive RAM, CPU and NET can defer Dapps developers with less resource from EOS. With cheap resource rental fee, there will be more shit/ scam dapps. Many shit game dapps can be found recently.A argument saying that people will not use scam/shit dapps. It may be true most of the time but sometime it is not. Scam/shit dapps will have their own way to attract users. For example, high yield of dividend or free tokens provided to token stakers in some game dapps Personally I do agree to encourage more dapps developers joining EOS with reasonable resource fee. From current fee shown on Chintai , they are really quite cheap most of the time. 
  7. Community should also bear in mind that resource rental will make one of the buying force for EOS disappear too since developers no need to stake EOS like before for getting the CPU and net resource. Community is sharing part of their development cost in other words.
  8. If you rent out your EOS, you get some paid but you lose the utility of the token at the same time. If we want to use EOS dapps, we need to keep a certain amount of EOS as CPU and NET. If you play dice, infiniverse, Trype, etc you will find that 10 EOS is not enough. In future, 100 EOS may be ok since there will be many good dapps on EOS for us to use.
  9. ECAF- what is it and what is it for? 

I think most of the EOS holders dont know exactly what ECAF is, how it is formed, what are they doing, why their request is being banned and neglected by current 21 BPs recently. I dont know the details either but I aware that it is related to key losing or something like that. Then my question is that whether ECAF is a legitimate body designed by the community in order to help solving any dispute inside the community like arbitration does. If ECAF is not legitimate, any legitimate structure within the community can serve the the function? Shall the community need to pay and set up one? Or can we rely on 21 active BPs who should be worked independently. I have seen many messages appearing in different BP’s telegram groups complaining. No matter BPs have make a correct judgement or not, a separate body may be necessary. What do you think?


My suggestions:

  • Fixed but attractive Voter Rewards after fulfilling voting criteria from System code level (not from BPs or Dapps). Rex alone may not be enough.

In order to compensate voters, 2-4 % inflation can be allocated to voters.(4% of inflation assigned to WPF is suggested to be burned out. I suggest it can be used as Voters rewards). Voter rewards should not be coming from BPs/Dapps in order to prevent Votes or Proxy buying which will make the system collapse and hurt the profit margin of BPs at the same time. BPs should not be ill treated and should provide them sufficient incentive thus they can support the community by providing good hardware and good dapps for us. If community members fufill their duty of voting, voter rewards is fair to every EOS holders. In order to be eligible for the rewards, voting criteria should be fullfilled. BPs should be voted in order to eligble for the rewards.

  • Longer unstaking period for eliminating voting from Exchanges

In order to prevent non legitimate voting from Exchanges which utilize depositors’ EOS without prior permission, longer unstaking period can be adopted in order to pose threat to their liquidity and increase their cost of this misbehavior. Any duration from 15 days to 30 days unstaking period may be a good starting point. If rewards are positively related to staking period, community will have incentive to support this.

  • Voting criteria: 1 EOS 1 BP Vote or 1 EOS 30BPs vote

One side chain claim that they are using 1 token 1 BP vote system. In my opinion, this is a good method which can eliminate the capability/room for whales/BPS selling its votes (now 30 votes/ EOS) to other non capable for profit or intention for creating their Cartel. The lesser the votes/ EOS, the more balance of the voting can be forseen. 

  • From code level let’s vote for a paid ECAF to serve the community

We can vote BPs producing Blocks for us and why we cannot vote a ECAF working for us if we believe that an independent entity rather then top 21 BPs is better. I believe that only community authorized ECAF can work with top top 21BPs.


    • 12 months ECAF contract and re-voting every 12 months can be considered
    • Provide arbitration service and implementation. 
    • Provide other service like Performance Checking to all standby BPs (we have many paid/non paid standard BPs but how many can provide service immediately are not 100% known). I heard this possibly from EOSvibes before.
    • Paid from part of the 2-4% inflation

Better voting and longer staking system and structure in future

In order to attract more long term investors and institutional investors, provide stronger support to EOS price and attract more users for voting, these can be considered in future.

Different rate of voter rewards for different staking period


    • Starting from 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 180 days to 360 days staking periods can be considered, different compensation rate can be adopted for different period.Then less EOS will be used for trading and price of it can be more stable. As we know that there are over the counter markets for Bitcoin and other cryptos, traders are borrowing from Whales, Exchanges, OTC and and dump it to the market in order to generate profit. Longer staking with higher yield can increase the borrowing cost and discourage speculation behaviour
    • In order to compensate the heavy cost incurred for voting and attract more voting different compensation rate of voter rewards for different staking period is necessary. This can promote voting and further minimize the size of non legitimate voting from Exchanges too.


  1. I believe that there is no simple voting and governance structure which can create a good DPOS system. Community is diverse and thought are naturally diverse. It is really very challenging to design a good system and system optimization may need to be carried out from time to time. Thus leaders inside the community have to do plenty of works in coming future.
  2. Do you agree that the interest of BPs, whales, Block.one and small size EOS investors are the same? I believe that most of the time the answer is YES but sometimes it is No, do you think that that Voting rights for BPs and Proxy is very valuable or in the opposite cost nothing? I believe that it should be very expensive. 
  3. Do you think that the system of EOS is getting better or getting worse? I believe that now it seems to be getting stronger with many new dapps coming out but in fact it is internally getting worse. 
  4. Do you think that a more decentralized BPs structure is good to the community or a centralized BPs cartel is better? I believe that we should encourage competition among all BPs in order to make EOS community stronger. 
  5. Do you think that the current situation of capable BPs being out from the 21 BPs is healthy? The answer is simple.
  6. Money say in EOS system and whales have both advantage and disadvantages to the system. System should be designed to minimize their impact to BPs selection and eliminate votes selling as many as we can. We can just make a more balance ecosystem.
  7. Let’s make the system becoming more perfect. 

**There are many valuable **suggestions from Youtube KOLs and community members too. The captioned are my idea and ideas coming from different people. I hope that other community members can comment, criticize, propose and drive the growth of EOS.

Blockchain will change the world and it should be EOS if we do something now.







Worbli Talks – WORBLI and IBC – With Didier Martin, CEO of Interblockchain

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A quick interview with Didier Martin from interblockchain.io about how bringing Interblockhain communication to WORBLI will be a game changer for not only EOSIO and the EOS ecosystem, but all of cryptocurrency and digital assets as a whole.

Join the Interblockchain Telegram group here https://t.me/interblockchain

WORBLI is a financial services district where enterprises and individuals can access a broad range of services that are built on WORBLI’s blockchain. Our blockchain ecosystem leverages EOSIO software and is capable of hosting a variety of decentralized applications (dApps) focused on financial innovation, free transactions, security, reliability, and compliance.

To summarise the current challenge; crypto presents a very high barrier to entry and a lot of red tape for consumers and businesses, and WORBLI is here to resolve this.

Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and like this video ☝️👍

Come join the discussion with Worbli on our telegram at https://t.me/worblicommunity

Links to WORBLI resources:

〰️Twitter: www.twitter.com/WORBLI
〰️Steemit: www.steemit.com/@worbli
〰️Medium: www.medium.com/@worbli
〰️Facebook: www.facebook.com/worbli
〰️Reddit: www.reddit.com/r/worbli
〰️Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2020487
〰️LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/worbli

BlockchainUA – Kyiv – Ukraine 22 March 2019 – EOS Topics Will be There – Special Conditions for TRYBE members


Hi Trybe members!

I’m happy to be here, this is my first post on Trybe, I only joined recently. I thought what to write about and decided to share info about blockchain event which we’ll have this spring in Kyiv (Ukraine).

Yes, because we (Cryptotexty) are in touch with organizers – I will be able to provide special TRYBE discounts. But event without discounts the prices are very low, much lover than in other conferences all around the world.

Also EOS topics will be presented for sure. Last conference there was speaker Sergii Vasylchuk (AtticLab – they are in top of block producers) and several other speakers spoke about EOS, for example about EOS Constitution.

I will only share some text from press release, as Trybe system found “plagiarims” in my post. Fair enough, as I did repost, but everyone interested will be able to check now more info on the official web-site.

The conference will have 3 streams:

I -Blockchain for business -II– Blockchain development   III – Blockchain marketing.

But I think that it’s better to see this video to check how the previous conference was

Video from Last BlockchainUA conference https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZ1HxdDBAxs

BlockchainUA site: https://blockchainua.com/en

More detailed program will appear closer to the conference

Cryptotexty are proud to be informational partner: https://cryptotexty.io/the-sixth-annual-international-conference-blockchainua-kiev-22nd-of-march-2019/

Presale Announcement | Dapp Launch


As promised, we are updating our community as we move through each phase of platform development for the BET50 platform. This week’s milestone’s include:


We crossed 200 members in our discord and telegram group as more people are hearing about BET50 and flocking to the community base.Things have been moving fast as we also crossed 300 followers on twitter in less than 1 month after platform declaration. The BET50 movement has been going strong on all our socials and we are grateful to our community members for the support.


As hard work and determination would have it, we completed the platform during the week and released a preview on twitter showcasing matches and design of the platform. This garnered a lot of reaction and played a key role in our discord and telegram channels crossing 200 members.



We began Alpha testing last week and successfully completed testing of the platform and fixing of the bugs. 22 Individuals applied for our beta testing campaign and the result was an astounding success. We once again thank our community members for their interest and support of the BET50 platform.

image source


image source

Due to the recent attack on EOS gaming dapps, development took an extra amount of time as we had to tighten our security and fix the holes that could have allowed for infiltration. We are proud to announce a two tiered security encryption on the platform that allows for optimum security while maintaining amazing user experience.


We have been listed by two popular ICO rating sites after the independent review of our project. More listings coming soon as we make headway and expand in the bid to make BET50 a token of immense utility.

Listed on foundico

Listed on ico holder

In addition, we have been added to the meetone and token pocket wallet. We are currently seeking a partnership with both platforms to airdrop/airgrab tokens to users of the platform, so interested individuals should have any of those wallets at the ready. Announcements will be made concerning that later on.


image source

Finally, the much anticipated BET50 platform goes live. After several months of development and security checks and a week of Alpha testing, the BET50 platform has now been released to the public in the beta stage. Users can place bets and cash out through the aid of automated functions and smart contracts once platform is enabled for use.



Tokens Created: 800M BET50 (EOS tokens)

Funding Target: $1M

Funding options: EOS

Firesale: starts 10am UTC and ends 10pm UTC on the 7th of January

Firesale price: 1500:1 (BET50 : EOS)

PRESALE: starts 7th of January, ends 5th of February

PRESALE price: 1000:1 (BET50 : EOS)

More details here: https://ico.betfty.com

The BET50 pre-sale has been met with support from all corners and interest all round. It is the first multipurpose EOS sports betting DAPP after all.  As a result of demand and time factor, the BET50 presale has been moved to 7th of January 2019 at 9am UTC. The presale will run through three phases. In each phase the amount of BET50 that can be purchased for 1 EOS will reduce. Interested investors can participate in any of the presale stage and purchase BET50 tokens easily. The total amount of tokens available for sale is only 100,000,000. Ico website – https://ico.betfty.com


The Firesale is the first stage and will only last for 5 hours. It begins at 10am UTC and will end at 10pm UTC on the 7th of January. The first stage of presale will begin automatically after firesale. The firesale is special and unique because it requires a minimum purchase of 1000 EOS worth of BET50 tokens. The ratio of 1 EOS to BET50 will be at ratio 1:1500. This means that the minimum purchase of BET50 will be 1.5M BET50 in the firesale. Interested participants are advised to contact @Invoko on discord for more details about the process.


The Phase 1 starts immediately after the firesale and will take place on the BET50 ico website. Participants will be required to make a minimum purchase of 100 EOS worth of BET50 tokens. The process is automatic through a smart contract that delivers the tokens instantly to the account of the purchaser. The ratio of EOS to BET50 in this phase will be 1:1000. This means that the minimum purchase of BET50 token is 100,000 tokens.


This starts after the the First phase and will also take place on the BET50 ico website. The minimum purchase of BET50 in this phase is 10 EOS. The ratio of 1 EOS to BET50 is 1:800. This mean that users will receive 800 BET50 tokens for every EOS spent.

The presale phase will end on the 5th of February or if the 100 million tokes are exhausted sooner.

We are currently rounding up the integration of staking of tokens on the platform and early Investors will use the opportunity to lock up their tokens and earn rewards pending the time the presale ends and we move to exchange.

Important Links

Dapp Website: https://betfty.com

Ico Website: https://ico.betfty.com

Telegram: t.me/betfty

Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kNX1GNcoAnU9EOIbqY7J3zgklH2vhS35/view?usp=drivesdk

Twitter : https://twitter.com/betfty

Discord: https://discord.gg/Z8djJ87

Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5088391

Article: https://trybe.social/bet50-eos-sports-betting-and-gambling-platform-bounty-is-live/

Spreadsheet Overview For Playing EOS Casino Gambling Games: DICE, Crash, Roulette, Black Jack, Poker, Slots & Other Games

Have you ever asked yourselve where or what to play on EOS? Does BetDice has Black Jack? Was there a Lucky Draw at FunCity? Where can I play slots? Who has some new games coming up soon … and which ones?

If you have some questions like these, here are your answers! I created a spreadsheet and took notes on all games offered on the – to me so far known – EOS gambling DApp scene. Take into account that is a momentum snapshot. That’s what these listed DApps have to offer right now at the start of 2019. We will see what kind of changes to the current competitors will be happening. Maybe we can even see some new successful challengers entering this market who may come up with some completely new games.

  • The informatin about “soon” coming games is what you can see visiting their sites, no information added from telegram informations or similar stuff
  • If there is a “1” in the Lucky Draw column this means that there is one lucky draw free every day

This overview gives a good look on which games are more popular:

  • Almost all offer the DICE game
  • A lot of Black Jack’s
  • Some Video Poker/Jacks Or Better
  • Even less traditional Slot Machines
  • Lottery also only here and there. There’s often some mix games which are not only auction but also Lottery
  • The Crash Games has spread since its initial pop up
  • FunCity are the only ones offering Texas Holdem Poker PvP so far

From just watching it I think FarmEOS might be a very interesting choice for the future which I didn’t look much into so far (because you needed a lot of FOS to be included for the dividends payouts). But the games are looking pretty good so far!

From now seeing this, all in all, I think DEOS GAMES gets even more interesting with the amount of games they will offer in the future. Including the most simple games, which probably attract a lot of users more than any “new” special games (like I described in my last article).

Also, Royal Online Vegas will have a decent amount of games when their Multiplayer Baccarat will be ready.

For BetDice I’m sure we can expect even more interesting in the future!

From their announcements things are looking good for EOSMax for the future. YumYum also has a lot of games announced to be developed. We will see from them and others how, if at all or when they will deliver their new implementations in the future.

Here’s a list of all mentioned sites:

Hope you’ll find this useful when planning to gamble a little bit! If you’re serious about mining some tokens you might want to check the Mining Price column or the current price at cryptodividend.io. A low mining price will give you many tokens, so in theory playing at the ones with lower mining prices might be better.

These are all my observations and are only my opinion. These are by no means any investment advices! Do your own research before investing into crypto currencies or any investment and especially EOS gambling tokens.


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EOS Peeking Under the Hood – 6 Months After Launch

The beginning  of the year is a perfect time to review one’s investment decisions. Not the easiest task in those continuing bearish times, but all the more important. The rational behind my decision to invest in EOS before launch is best summarised in a series of articles i have written on Steem (which i had just discovered) last march. I basically addressed a couple of critical questions regarding the EOS launch and found generally quite positive answers to each of these question. So now i intend to take a new look at those answers and discuss if they are still valid or if any factors my decision is based on have changed.

Here are the links to articles and the main questions i tried to answer in the “EOS Peeking under the hood” series and a summary outcome of each article:

Q1: Is the EOS ICO legit?
A: Although B1 has in fact waived any responsibility for launching the blockchain and switching coins, what they provide is the infrastructure for a community to use. So as this approach makes sense, the critical factors for success are an active community and a usable software product.

Q2: Is a successful EOS launch realistic?
A: Simply said, yes! There were an impressive number of block producers ready to launch the chain and handle block production as well as a large active community, spearheaded by the EOSGo team, where invested to streamline governance and other important items to discuss.

Q3: Is the core software solid?
A: Block 1 had kept announced timelines and features until then and the Alpha and other Test releases have been successfully implemented by the community well before launch.

Q4: Can EOS do better where Steemit failed?
A: Steem, and in particular in its Steemit frontend, is well known for it’s whale issues and the relatively bad user experience. EOS had always put usability as it’s core, the strong technical performance aside, features like a reputation system, key recovery etc. are features to facilitate adoption.

Q5: Will EOS solve the governance issues of crypto?
A: DPOS for once, but more so the idea of a blockchain governed by a constitution, in my view is the real strength of EOS, to remain versatile and flexible enough to address future challenges. Especially the concept of sidechains in combination with inter blockchain communication, provides users the opportunity to move to the chain that most suits their needs, and thus creates a pressure for each EOS.io based chain to remain attractive to users.

Q6: Is investing in EOS likely to be successful financially?
A: Since i was able to answer all questions positively my assumption was, that EOS could be a very successful platform project, likely comparable to facebbok, amazon and others, that would make a long term marketcap similar to those companies reasonable.

Held back your objections until now?

Now let’s look at the current state of EOS and if those answers remain valid or if there are new questions to be raised.


Q1) Is the EOS ICO legit? & Q2) Is a successful launch realistic:

Well here we have the solid facts of historic events. The chain has launched, it is operating and investors who performed the required tasks have access to their EOS tokens proper . There is even a fallback solution for those who forgot to claim their tokens in time. Also the community has established a series of high quality infrastructure features like wallets, block explorers, identity management apps (Scatter), a token leasing platform (Chintai) etc. and there is more to come for apps, which are now mostly gambling dapps, but more and more high level projects are moving into beta or recently released their dapps. So these two points can easily be checked. 

Q3) Is the EOS.io core software solid?
So this is much more difficult question to answer. For one, the EOS blockchain already delivers high performance and has quickly surpassed all other blockchains as for TPS and scalability. Doing transactions on ETH or even worse BTC now feels like a return to the dark age. B1 is also still active in updating the code and implementing core features like REX contract and fixing the code for vulnerabilities. So this is easily a check.

Having said this, if you look at Dan’s announcement and claim that the EOS code was “feature complete” there are a series of critical features from the white paper still missing as of today:

  • Inter Block chain communication (IBC)
  • Multithreading
  • Referendum contract
  • Worker proposal infrastructure
  • EOS File storage

Somehow an older tweet by MCAffee comes to mind ridiculing ICO projects:

A few critical features have been developed by the community in the meantime, most notably voting facilities and wallets, which where critical for the launch and a basic use of the chain.  Btw.  the secure enclave hardware wallet, Dan announced to be around the corner in summer 2018 is still missing. (It’s not a core feature but i’d like to mention Steem 2.0 here, for another empty announcement). Whatever Dan was referring to by feature completeness, it was certainly not a comparison against the EOS whitepaper which clearly touched all those things.

Whereas multithreading might not be that urgent a feature, since EOS’ performance is still way beyond what is needed by the chain (and of course anything competing chains have to offer), IBC and referendum contract, especially the lack of both has really thrown back the project. Actual referendums are still not possible, although a group of BPs are working hard on finalising the referendum system, which is currently available as alpha version to be tested on the jungle testnet, so that eventually either the current constitution can be ratified or replaced by a version 2 (B1) or an alternative document as proposed by EOS Newyork (or EoS Alliance some day). So maybe, about 9 months after the launch, we will actually be able to use a core feature of EOS.

A new proposal for Ressource exchange (REX) is currently in alpha phase and also available via Chintai on the jungle testnet. Rex is meant to serve as a network resources leasing platform and at the same time as reward system for voting, because it will only be accessible to accounts that have voted for at least 21 bps. It is evident that B1 one has thrown a lot of their resources at this project, quite apparently they see that the current governance implementation needs improvement urgently. But that’s the topic of the next set of questions. If you want to learn more about REX and token leasing on EOS take a look here!

This is certainly a question for the upcoming year: Will EOS be able to deliver the outstanding technical features within a reasonable amount of time. We need definitely to avoid ETH like scenarios, where critical upgrades are postponed for years.

Whereas referendum and REX seem to be around the corner. Inter Block Chain communication and Mutlithreading will be critical for EOS future success, these need to be delivered within this year.

Q4: Can EOS do better where Steemit failed?
So this is basically a power issue between the interest of whales and that of common users, who aren’t firmly in EOS as investment, but who want to use its features for actual applications and purposes. Whereas it is clear that whales are in control on EOS, not the least for deciding upon bp rankings, EOS usage is growing significantly, and eos dapps are now clearly used by more people than any other blockchain in operation. So up to now, i’d say the relation is healthy, and that is something noteworthy given that we are in a bear market and Steemit has become pretty dead lately.

Unknown at steem, there is a real CPU issue on EOS, that remains to be resolved. This is a technical issue, but it hampers adoption, e.g. just my own experience, in the height of the gambling craze it became impossible to play EOS knights, even if only doing a few transaction by day and having around 100 EOS staked. That is the indirect cost of using EOS, you need to hold it, and if CPU is rare, you need to lease EOS which is like transactions costs.

So EOS offers certainly the best user facilities in crypto, we are far off from things like, a user won’ t even need to care about keys and security to be able to use the EOS blockchain as underlying tech. And of course there is still no support for lost keys, and fraud protections that is now delivered by ECAF might go as well soon. On the other hand, a more centralised approach like worbli intends to offer just that.

This point is certainly something that needs to improve before it can be checked.

Q5: Will EOS solve the governance issues of crypto?
Being a transparent and governance blockchain is in my view the most ground breaking promise of EOS. Whereas DPOS (existant in Steem and BTS implementations) already provides an implicit way of governing bps and software deployment , EOS’ constitution and referendum and arbitration idea (idea, since it wasn’t provided by B1 at launch) are certainly revolutionary. What most crypto anarchists don’t realize is that the problems they criticise originate from regulations and rules that are not democraticaly legitimated. What Bitcoin does, is to provide one seemingly immutable structure, but in reality, that it has remained so stable, is due to a community of devs and miners, who on the other hand have prevented any real update of the tech, which is again is overdue to facilitate adoption. A structured human governance model would be able to make rules on-chain, inherent to the needs of blockchain which is decided by the community of holders, and not an obscure elite. In this sense, BTC is not so different from the financial shadow government that dominates global policy making, just not that important currently.

It should be apparent, that i am in favour of a strong constitution (or whatever you want to call that ruling document) as well as base layer arbitration, otherwise decisions and enforcement will remain in the obscure. Unfortunately, Dan and b1 have moved away from the strong governance ideal and replaced the war cry from “the law is the law” to “the intent of code is the law”, which is of course ridiculous, since an intent of code, if at all, requires interpretation, and if you don’t have base layer enforcement, e.g. a dapp can just leave the Riccardian contract empty, as just many dapps do, so there is no intent present at all to decide upon.  I just don’t understand their position in this regard, as Dan has always promoted a social system of checks and balances, just take Dan’s response to Vitalik’s criticism not long before the launch. The recent focus on REX seems to be an effort to somehow counter-play via the system and replace actual governance with a code base intended to incentivise participants to behave well. Of course this won’t solve EOS’ governance systems, as they again can be played easily. E.g. an exchange can offer their clients a rental reward slightly around the one provided by REX, and in the contract request to vote on their behalf. This way the exchange will be able – to even legitimately under the current constitution to vote as they please with their clients tokens. Don’t get me wrong: I do like REX, but it will not be the feature to save EOS:

Why the rant at this point? Because it reflects the current governance discussion on EOS.

Of course all these debates on how to structure governance on EOS are in the end completely irrelevant as long as they remain mere speculation and  as there is no implementation where you can see how governance plays out. What we don’t need is a EOS-governance-telegram-chat-like discussions incessantly reiterating its circle of arguments, without accomplishing anything. What we do need are different implementations of the EOS.io software, that compete with each other and demonstrate how different approaches play out and which one is the most effective one.  This would also be the realisation of Dan’s original concept.

In this regard we are well underway, with now a good set of side- or sister-chains already established, that follow different governance approaches and different degrees of centralisation  etc.

Yet for this  whole ecosystem of governance to play out its strength, holdings and accounts need to be as fluid and interchangeable as possible, we do need a working IBC for this competition in governance to become possible. Unfortunately we haven’t heard anything from B1 regarding IBC, and aside the REX, they don’t seem to develop much. The last news in that regard came from WORBLI, but this was well before their chain launch and they now seem to have a lot of things in their backlog to be covered before they are able to ramp up with IBC.

So this is the second question for this year to be answered: Will we see a  healthy competition between different governance model and will they reinforce and drive improvements between each other? 

Q6: Is EOS likely to be a financially  successful investment?
AKA What to expect  for 2019? 

Evidently EOS was not a rewarding investment in 2018, and although it was a solid launch, didn’t manage to decouple from BTC and the overall crypto space, as i was hoping for, and rightfully so, as there are a lot of its core features not in place or at best in formation.

I think the most important factors will be effective technical improvement of the core software, as well as a lively governance ecosystem, with different approaches. Especially the latter will be a hard nut and i expect a lot of disruptions here,  especially if effective governance, which has been dormant until now becomes active via the referendum systems and things might not play out as one or another party have assumed, and thus might cause much unfriendlier fork scenarios than we have witnessed (or enjoyed) so far.

But if this plays out well EOS could be quite disruptive in the crypto scene and effectively detach from the valuation of BTC, which btw. i believe  has left the valley of tears and head for an at least moderately healthy market in the upcoming years.

To sum it up: There might clearly be lot of issues with EOS that requires a solution, but the overall story remains well intact. Code and community remain strong, likely well ahead of any CASPER emerging i believe EOS will have removed so many obstacles already. But who knows which new tech will have emerged by then. 

What is your overall assessment of EOS? What are your expectations for the year 2019?
Let’s discuss!

Gambling Mania Over, REX is a Code and Mass Adoption Still on Hold.

First of all, EOS is an experiment which has been live for 8 months. In this short period of time we have seen something very important happen – namely the first adoption (not mass) of Dapps (decentralised applications). We have also seen the first “fall of Dapps” as the gambling dapps took a collective nosedive this week. Time to take a realistic look at where we are currently.

Mass Adoption

That being said, we can also argue that we have not really seen “mass adoption” and that there is almost no adoption in either EOS nor crypto in general. This is kind of true, but not completely.  Adoption is really slow, but it is happening. And as the mainstream and political correctness-movement increase in power and size we will continue to see massively popular people like Jordan Peterson, Stefan Molyneux, and other “nazis” that are being thrown off centralised platforms or demonitzed add “Bitcoin accepted”. Jordan Peterson recently implemented that on his webside for donations. For those who don’t know, Jordan Peterson – the “controversial” psychiatrist from Canada has gained huge attention world wide for just explaining very common sense things in a deep and profound way that people can relate to. His book “12 rules for life” is the Number 1 bestseller, but New York Times refuse to list it by using the argument “He’s Canadian” which has never been a problem in the past when political correct authors from Canada has been on their list. But this is how the establishment does things. And agree or disagree with Jordan Peterson, I think most people that are in crypto is tired of the powers that be. Hopefully they also realise that the powers that be are the ones that are playing us against each other.

And adoption into Bitcoin is important for adoption into platforms such as EOS.

What can you expect right now? Not much IMO. I think we are seeing some bullish tendencies in the market in general, but in terms of adoption there is not much happening. Dappradar numbers are clearly not correct. For example, they claim that farmEOS has 2600 people interacting with their contract past 24h. I doubt that 2600 people has even HEARD about farmEOS.

Gambling Dapps Are Ponzis?

Which takes us over to the gambling dapps. First of all. They are not ponzis. Not more than the entire stock market is a ponzi, or the welfare state, or life itself. In a way, everything is a ponzi. In any market you are reliant on that someone not as forward thinking as yourself will buy the stock AFTER you buy it in order for it to go up in value. The company then has to produce something of value.

A Ponzi scheme is an investment fraud where clients are promised a large profit at little to no risk. Companies that engage in a Ponzi scheme focus all of their energy into attracting new clients to make investments. This new income is used to pay original investors their returns, marked as a profit from a legitimate transaction. Ponzi schemes rely on a constant flow of new investments to continue to provide returns to older investors. When this flow runs out, the scheme falls apart.


A ponzi often runs like this; “I’m Jeff and I sell this health kit with some smoothies and life extension powder. I need to keep nagging friends and family to buy a kit from me and the “rights” to sell that kit. When my friend Joe sells a kit, I receive “dividends” from his sale. My initial purchase of the kit is covered by my passive income from people beneath me selling kits. In the end someone is no longer able to sell kits because the market is saturated or the hype of that particular niche is over, and the people who got in last gets nothing but a long nose.

This is somewhat similar to pretty much anything. If you buy an overhyped stock late, you will not make as much money as those who bought early. However, a SERIOUS company will do things differently than just run a MLM. And here is the important different. A MLM relies solely on the marketing aspect. Doing referrals is a kind of MLM-system, but used within a broader perspective and approach it is just a PART of the whole business – not the whole business.

So keep in mind that there are “ponzi” elements to almost everything in life. Markets, and even life itself. Everything is resource based, and unless you are clever, resources run out.

The gambling dapps? Not a ponzi in my opinion. They provide a unique approach to token mining and profit sharing. They offer transparency and trustlesness that traditional casinos don’t. Anyone who has played on a traditional casino knows how rude they are in their customer service and everyone I know has money “magically” disappear. They are outright shady. In EOS however, there are several mechanism that make it safer. You have the whole thing with Telegram. Instead of slow customer service, everything runs on Telegram now.  If the developers do a bad move or cheats someone it spreads like wildfire. You can get help with EOS911, block producers or in the different groups where people connect to share knowledge and latest gossip. Another huge difference from traditional casinos is the seamlessness ONCE you have gotten over the hurdle of learning to navigate in EOS. It is amazingly simple and instant.

Some people have argued that the developer and platforms should do KYC, and I tend to agree with that. As long as users can interact “anonymously”.

To wrap it up. Phase 1 of gambling dapps is over. Now we will see panic and wait for the surviving dapps to re-emerge. Even the “giant” Betdice is nosediving. I wouldn’t try and catch a falling knife, but I would certainly consider buying when a bottom has formed.

If crypto shows to have no utility even for gambling casinos, where in fact will crypto have any utility?

And that is why I remain long term bullish for the EOS gambling space. Who will survive? I don’t know.



The Rex

There are some misconceptions about the “legend of the Rex”. First of all, the REX is a code written by developers at Block.one. They are NOT creating the full product with an UI (user interface) yet. That might be a reality when their wallet comes out. When is that? No one knows. Block.one has a tendency to promise things, and then we hear nothing more of it. Like Steemit 2.0 that Dan proclaimed was “right around the corner” this summer. But perhaps his concept of “right around the corner” is different from most people. Perhaps he lives a place with really long corners.

The Rex code however is being tested by block producers on the Jungle testnet, and it has been for months. I have not heard much, which I found to be a bit alarming. Usually, when something kicks ass, you get some tweets or reddit posts with people going; “Been testing the code – holy sh….” but nothing like that. Perhaps the EOS community is just so darn mature and pragmatic.. But in the end, it is the community that has to create the UI and implement the REX onto their website/application.

But when I read the recent update from Chintai, I got my excitement pants back on. Listen to this..

Chintai 2.0 will also feature three new markets! RAM, REX, and OTC markets will all be included.

Chintai 2.0 will provide a UI for the REX. Features will include a comprehensive trading interface with the ability to buy and sell REX tokens, view full history trading chart, access historical account metrics for trades, view and manage pending sell orders, view how much REX tokens can be sold on a given day, view actual market rate, and toggle between multiple trading charts (REX and EOS price). Currently, Chintai is hosting REX on the jungle testnet: jungle.chintai.io/rex


This is pretty awesome.  Together with building their DEX as well as launching their native token CHEX for staking and dividends, Ram market and launching on multiple chains I am actually quite stoked about the REX as well as Chintai.


Also, there is a little bit of a sidechain drama going on these days. Lot’s of people saying sidechains are the new gambling dapps..well. So expect a lot of pump and dump action on the sidechains, and make sure you don’t put all your EOS in one basket. I’ll write more about the sidechains in another article.

So to wrap it up:

  1.  Gambling dapps are not pure MLM ponzis
  2. EOS has had adoption, but not MASS adoption
  3. The REX is not magical, but it is coming once the community implements it into one of their websites/applications

Leave a comment if you liked it or have anything to add! 

Eosmastering is not financial advice – just a private person trying to make sense of crypto and EOS in particular. I will do my best to convey what I learn to other people and break it down in layman terms. 



Top 4 Coins to Watch Out For in 2019.

  2018 has been a total disaster for the entire crypto market. With some coins losing about 80% of their value and even more. The 2017 crypto Bull-run left a lot of FOMO in the crypto realm and so many people got involved and invested heavily in crypto. The continuous decline in price left a lot of unanswered questions in the table, making so many people believe that bitcoin is nothing but only a bubble. However the continuous bullish trend has been advantageous to the crypto sphere in some ways because weak hands were shaken off thereby giving room to the real believers of Blockchain tech to dominate.

If you’ve taken ample time to study the crypto market, you will discover that every bearish crypto year is often accompanied by a very strong Bull run, not only owing to this, the launch of security tokens STOS and BAKKT are scheduled to launch in 2019 this will undoubtedly be a game changer to the entire crypto market.

Here are some of my picks to give huge returns to investors in 2019.


1. CARDANO (ADA): Cardano has been undervalued for quite some time now. Cardano has gradually meet the milestone and spontaneously delivering everything stated on its road map. Cardano offers one of the strongest and most secure protocol in the blockchain network. Apart from price, the key features developers look at before launching their DAPP and smart contracts on a network, are security and scalability. Cardano offers these features at a glance. Apart from this key features, cardano will completely change the Delegated proof of stake (DPOS) consensus by launching project “SHELLEY” with this project, users will be able to stake their token and validate blocks on the network and get rewarded with its native token ADA. A lot of blockchain protocols out there uses DPOS consensus but most of the reward are skewed to the whales. So Cardano’s project SHELLEY is aimed at making it possible for people at the bottom to earn good rewards from staking their tokens. People will be encouraged to stake their tokens and this will in turn reduce the volume of ADA in circulation. This project is scheduled to launch either Q1/Q2 of 2019. So watch out for this project

2. EOS: EOS is currently ranked #5 in the coinmarketcap with a market capitalization of $2,594,656,609 equivalent to 663,962BTC at the point of writing. EOS has a total supply of 1,006,245,120 EOS with a circulating volume of 906,245,118 EOS. Apart from the fact that Eos has a solid background team, it has recorded a vast number of DAPPS ever since the inception of its mainnet owing to the scalability and easy access to resources. Top of It all, REX (resources exchange) is scheduled to be launched in 2019. This will encourage more user to stake their token thereby declining the amount of Eos in circulation. And this according to newton’s third law of motion will increase the demand and leave the price no were but sky high.

3. TRON (TRX): TRON used to be a far cry from its road map. But the launch of its mainnet on May 31 completely changed everything. TRON is no longer WIP (work in progress) but a token with real utility having over 80 DAPPS running on its mainnet. TRON has shown good performance even in the bear market. JUSTIN SUN TRON founder tweeted that TRON will have over 80 DAPPS running on it’s mainnet  before 2019 and He delivered. This goes a long way of showing some commitment in the team. Top of it all, TRON stated on its white paper that they will conduct a periodic coin burn to reduce the amount of token in circulation and they demonstrated this by burning 1,000,000,000 TRX when it migrated from an ERC20 token to its mainnet. TRX is definitely a great token to add to your portfolio in 2019.

4. RIPPLE (XRP): ripple has shown great performance even in the bear market. Ripple is currently ranked #2 in the coinmarketcap. And trading at $0.364 at the point of writing. Though there has been a lot of HYPE on ripple but just  like the XRP founder Chris Larsen said “the price of a token solely depends on its utility” xrp is undoubtedly gaining mass adoption and been used by large banks for making cross border payments. Ripple is definitely a coin to watch out for in 2019.


Image source; google.com

Data source: coinmarketcap.com