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SUPERBLOOM: The Decentralized Token Platform for private sales and airdrops

Superbloom is a decentralized investing platform aiming at mediating private sales and tokens market and at simplifying tokens managing, rewarding costumers with tokens airdrops.


In recent years, ICOs number is constantly increased as well as investments. The picture below shows the increment of ICOs market cap though the years updated to Aug 22nd 2018.

Source Coindesk

Despite many of the over hundreds ICO projects failed, this form of investment remains one of the most valuable in terms of ROI (return of investment). Only in 2018 we saw the birth of many interesting ICOs which became a reality in cryptocurrency world.

Among ICOs having a ROI higher than 100% last year, we can rember:


Superbloom is built on the Stellar public blockchain platform and makes simple, secure, and compliant tokens market. It allows members to reserve pre-ICO tokens,to participate to ICO launches, to manage a wide range of crypto assets (ERC-20, BTC, Lumens, and others) and finally to buy/sell tokens directly on the platform. Superbloom’s team reviews ICOs projects and aims to improve the quality of the ICOs listed on the platform, so that its members can be confident in the deals offered.Moreover, Superbloom is completely decentralized platform as it is built on the Stellar public blockchain platform, one of the most performing and secure blockchain supported and developed also by IBM.

The great success of the platform was confirmed during the last period. Superbloom had a massive surge of registrations as they reported by mail on the 18th of July :

“On our biggest day, we had 410,097 new signups. 1,573,460 new accounts were created in the past 30 days.These are real contacts. We verify emails. And we’re still growing!

These are surely impressive numbers!


Superbloom apply a dividend plan that consists in token airdrops syndicated on platform. The value of the airdrops will be proportional to the SEED (the platform’s token) stacked for a certain period on the platform. Thus, airdrop values can range between 10% and 20% of the value of the SEED holdings. This means that you can eventually buy some SEED, wait for most promising airdrops and once the value of the ICO’s token rises you can sell them or believe in their project, thus holding them!

If you are interested in subscribing the Superbloom platform here is a referral link which will give 50 more SEED to you and me. –>> SUPERBLOOM <<–

I would end this article explaining why the platform is called Superbloom citing the whitepaper

In 2017, California received enough rainfall to end a 4 year drought, which caused a super bloom of wildflowers. During this time, cryptocurrencies reached a $100B market cap, and peaked at $500B, creating a crypto super bloom. Superbloom was founded in mid 2017 to help users and investors benefit from the value created through blockchain

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For more info: whitepaper.


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