Technology developed massively in this 21st century of Millennial era. Not only the development of the positive side, for all audiences regardless of gender can be free to enjoy the technology, but the negative impact is far greater than what we sometimes expect, and this must be a serious concern for each individual.

Artificial intelligence technology, better known as AI (Artificial Intelligence), is one technology that is actually designed to facilitate technological space in various sectors in everyday life. But there are some people who make the benefits of this AI to make fake videos better known as “deepfake”.

Deepfake is the term abbreviation of AI deep learning and fake. The way it works is by taking a picture of someone’s face taped to someone else’s body such as photo editing but in this case it is done on the video. And the results will even look like the original video from facial expressions, body gestures, lighting and even sounds. This crime combs many women, irresponsible individuals take pictures of the faces of women who milling about on the Internet and applying to pornographic videos. And the result is as if the victim really played the vulgar scene even though she never did at all. This is sexual violence and rounding up of new models in the Millennial era, and of course it is a frightening specter for women, especially those that will affect their families as well as those closest to them. Some people have become the target of deepfake and become a severe depression for them.

Deepfake’s crimes were not only applied to pornographic video manipulation but also to interviews with political figures which brought controversy and even division.

Deepfake videos have been circulating a lot and this is more than expected. There is no definite solution to stop this terrible thing. Even sometimes a woman who is a victim of Deepfake is not aware that she has become a victim because the video does not become viral, but her body is virtually enjoyed by a handful of people.

Deepfake is not just a negative trend of a technology but this has become a job site for irresponsible video content creators, especially if not for a reward without ever thinking about the adverse effects of the victim.

How the Deepfake work, you can watch the short video from @verge tweet

Check out @verge’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/verge/status/912491141525884928?s=09


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