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Project Atlas : Integration of Tron Blockchain to BitTorrent

What is BitTorrent ?

BitTorrent is a communication Protocol which enables its user to share the files over Interest in Peer to Peer form without any need for centralised Server. BitTorrent is the initial version of Peer to Peer network where files i.e Music, Movies, Games are shared across interest without any intermediary Involved. This Idea gradually evolved into cryptocurrency where you can transfer not only the file but also transfer value across the internet. Protocol was invented by Bram Cohen and first version was deployed in July 2001

We have all used online streaming Platform like Netflix,Amazon Prime where the data is streamed from the central server. However in BitTorrent we can share any file i.e Movies, Games, Music using the BitTorrent Protocol. This sharing technology is possible using the BitTorrent Clients which will facilitate  preparing, requesting, and transmitting any type of computer file over a network, using the protocol.Some of the Example of BitTorrent Clients are : uTorrent, BitTorrent. This is available across different Operating Systems. 

There are two important terminology in this network : Seeding and Leechers

Seeder are those users who will upload the file and Leechers are those users who will download the file. Where the number of Seeder falls below the Leecher then the download speed will automatically drop.

Is BitTorrent Illegal ?

No, BitTorrent Protocol itself is not Illegal. However  where the file or contents which are being shared though this protocol are  in violation of Copyrights then it become illegal. This has resulted in shut down of host website like Pirate Bay , etc.

Project Atlas

In July 2018 Tron Foundation led by Justin Sun purchased BitTorrent was purchased for $120 Million USD. BitTorrent already has an user base of 100 Million. Project Atlas involves integration of Tron Blockchain will the BitTorrent Clients.

Currently the Seeder’s in BitTorrent Protocol is not incentivised to continue sharing i.e upload the files. This has led to drop in the Number of Seeders and Rise in Leechers i.e More number of downloader and less number of uploaders. This will lead to reduction in downloading speed.

Tron Foundation is planning to integrate tron block-chain into Torrent Clients and leverage on its existing user base of +100 million

What is BTT Tokens ?

This token will be a TRC-10 token on Tron Blockchain. This will be the crown jewel of Tron Blockchain expecting to bring +100 Million users to Tron Blockchain

The Existing problem is that when number of users downloading are lesser than Uploaders then the average download speed will reduce. BTT Token will enable the BitTorrent users to pay for faster download in priority to others. This will incentives the uploaders/seeder to continue sharing the files across the BitTorrent network. Advertisement in BitTorrrent client can also be paid using the BTT Tokens. All current TRON holder are expected to receive the BTT tokens.

More Details on the BTT Tokens and date of release of BitTorrent client will be announced in the next “niTROn summit” in 3rd week of Jan-19

Tokenisation of the  BitTorrent platform will scale the TRON Blockchain and its users. This is a great opportunity for early adopters.

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