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I have recently come across an ICO. I found the concept of this project very realistic and interesting. Thought of sharing this amazing project details with you guys.

“Rento” is developing a mobile app which connects rental services and business owners with users. It is a global sharing mobile application for individuals and business owners. Instead of focusing on a single product (cars or apartment share etc.,) Rento provides rental of any item to any individual.

Rento is working on a mobile application and a web platform that allows users to list their unused assets for renting or sharing on its Platform. The person, who is listing the product in the app., will provide the product details. For e.g. key features of the asset or resource, images or video of item, rental cost, product’s availability schedule, specifications etc.

Rento is proposing multiple products and services segments, initially focusing on business and service providers to populate the platform with large stock of available resources. Rento ensures that the platform has variety of products for the users. The primary listing segments such as household needed items, commercial offerings such as shared offices, parking spaces, construction equipment etc.,

Rento plans to utilize block chain technology to:

• Smart contracts for security deposits

• To secure international and local transactions

• Rento ensures that the reviews of items lenders, borrowers, services, and items are real and verified

• Verify the transactions themselves and ensure payment for services as well as compensation through smart contracts for any breaches of the contract

Rento Token

Rento token initially is based on ERC20. However, they may migrate Rento onto a Proof of Authority Block chain. The transactions in the Rento app is based on smart contracts and it will be possible to make transactions and security deposits in all currencies (crypto and fiat). The fee for transactions and smart contracts will be payable only in Rento Tokens.


In case if Rento receives a license for issuing a security token in the future, the company plans to issue shares in the Rento companies. The purchase of RentoShares will be possible only for Rento Token holders or participants.

Conclusion: Uber is one of the best examples of the sharing economy. Even though the company does not own any vehicles and is still one of the largest taxi services in the world. Therefore, there is a strong chance that the sharing economy will blossom in the future. The website link is provided below. Please feel free to visit the page for more details.

Note: I am participating in airdrop campaign for Rento. This article is just for knowledge sharing. Investments are subjective to market risks.


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  1. Very good review of the project. I don’t trust much lending and renting project as it gets to a point where they encounter a lot of legal issues. Hopefully in the future we’ll have a working blockchain based lending/renting/ project/app.
    Rated 5.

  2. This works best on a very local level (neighbourhoods, streets) where you can quickly borrow e.g. a powerdrill from just a bike ride away. In NL there are a few companies active with this idea (no blockchain though), and the success is indeed limited to local concentrations of members

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