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TRON Goo: a free competitive browser game converted from ETH blockchain

Few weeks ago, Justin Sun, CEO of TRON, posted some really “aggressive” tweets. One of them was inviting ETH developers to leave dApps programming on ETH blockchain and start develop apps on TRON blockchain, which is faster and more reliable.  Short after, he announced TRON Arcade, a one 100 million dollar fund to help game developing on TRON blockchain.

Well, it seems that it really worked!

Ethergoo is an idle crypto game which had great success, in fact it surpassed even the famous Cryptokitties in transaction volume and daily users. Formerly built on Ether blockchain, now it has been ported on TRON blockchain with great enthusiast by its developers.

TRON Goo is the new browser game build on TRON blockchain where you recruit your army of pets to produce a mysterious goo in a secret lab. Moreover, you can battle with other players to steal their produced goo which is left unguarded.

The official launch happened about 12 hours ago, and it counts already prizes of over 70k TRX!

How does it work?

There are two kinds of units: production units and barracks units. Most of units can be bought with produced goo, while only a few are bought with TRX coins (and  they are more powerful too). Production units will generate some goo per second, while barracks units comes in different shapes and have three main stats: attack, defense, steal capacity. Some barracks units will have more defense than attack, other will focus only on a single stat, like the Baggage Kitty which has only steal stat. Both production and barracks units can be upgraded via goo or TRX, increasing their stat value by fixed number or a percentage.

The produced goo is just unguarded and  is suitable for other players to steal it. To benefit from produced goo, you need to invest in the deposit pot: this pot will collect goo produced from all players and it will split daily among them a share of TRX used in the game. The more goo you put in the pot, the more TRX you get awarded at the end of the share distribution cycle. But there is also another way to earn TRX coins which involve the research pot: each day you will automatically get a percentage of TRX based on your production of Goo per second relative to that of the other players!

Battling versus other players is the most fun and tactical thing of this game. You can attack a player once every 30 minutes, but be aware: your defense stat will be halved during the cooldown. You won’t be able to steal more goo than your stealing capacity, which as said before, it can be increased by recruiting more units or improving them.

Once a while, some rare items and units are put in a raffle: the more tickets you buy, the more chance you have to win this powerful and rare unit. The first rare unit in the raffle is a Shrimp Farmer, in honor of one of the developer of this game who also created the popular idle game Shrimp Farm.

What I need to Play?

You need just a TRON wallet, for this purpose I suggest TronLink Chrome Extension.

Once the wallet is ready, you can just head on TRON Goo website and get the first free producer unit: you can enjoy the game without spending money, still if you want to make max profit you should consider putting some money in it.

This game is supported also on mobile, but you need to download a mobile wallet, like Guild Chat (Android and iOS). This is great since having it on mobile will lower the chance of being robbed!

For any tips or information, you can also head to the official TRON Goo Discord and talk with other players and the devs.

Enjoy the goo!

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