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“XLM to the Moon”

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From the start in July 2014,
Stellar was born, and XLM, seen,

Product of a team and Jed McCaleb,
no he is genuine and no fake celeb,

A non-profit and under rated tech,
people fear and don’t give a heck,

Started as a secret bitcoin project,
This was no false scam or reject,

A fork of Ripple and re-written,
Now  in the top 10 it ‘s not smitten,

With an upgrade in April 2015,
Re-launched November now clean,

Since then it has gone interstellar,
In September 2017, true my fella,

As a cross-border currency for all,
decentralized in purpose, no stall,

this is a currency for you and I,
when adopted worldwide it will fly,

True value takes time to show,
This by mass adoption will grow,

From individual to the masses,
Stellar has grown although losses,

No fault of the tech it’s the market,
Adopt and you will see, never forget,

Steller XLM is for diversity as currency,
No matter where you are you will be free,

This you must never give up or fear,
XLM will grow and promise forward steer,

Stellar built for the public, business, and all,
for the community, the banking costs will fall,

your XLM is safe, moves fast and efficient,
on stellar and XLM your participation is reliant,

not just a crypto or ICO, something for all
no longer standing in queues, or beg by crawl,

Stellar Lumens will show and to the moon,
If you adopt this growth will be very soon,

Your business will gain and customers too,
as quick as an email, this value is true.

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