EOS vs ETH vs TRX DAPP Stats January 2019

EOS vs ETH vs TRX DAPP Stats January 2019

In this article and video below, we look at the DAPP stats for both EOS, ETH, and TRX and compare them to the stats of the previous month.

Month Over Month Quick Comparison

Below is stats taken on the first of the month giving a quick view of EOS, ETH, and TRX stats this month verse last month.

DAPPs on DappRadar

  • Dec 1, 2018: EOS: 183, ETH: 1255, TRX: 16
  • Jan 1, 2019: EOS: 228, ETH: 1324, TRX: 57

DAPPs Over 10,000 24hr Transactions

  • Dec 1, 2018: EOS: 23, ETH: 1, TRX: 3
  • Jan 1, 2019: EOS: 25, ETH: 0,  TRX: 4

DAPPs Over 1000 24hr Users

  • Dec 1, 2018: EOS: 7, ETH: 0, TRX: 3
  • Jan 1, 2019: EOS: 12, ETH: 2, TRX: 3

EOS DAPPs January 2019

EOS continues to see strong growth on the DAPPs.  The trend we saw from November 1st to December 1st dropping from 10 to 7 DAPPs with 1000 users over 24hrs seems to be an anomaly as this month has 12 DAPPs with over 1000 24hr users.

Gambling DAPPs continue to be the transaction king, and EOS Knights is still the king of the non-gambling games seeing great growth in 24hr users from 3,706 to 5,095 users.

ETH DAPPs January 2019

ETH transactions have dropped with zero DAPPs seeing over 10,000 24hr transactions compared to last months 1 DAPP.  Though there was growth in DAPPs with 24hr users over 1,000 with two new DAPPs seeing over 1,000 24hr users ( 1 ETH, My Crypto Heroes).

TRX DAPPs January 2019

This month brought a nice addition of TRX DAPPS to DappRadar but the growth in transactions and users on the top DAPPs was less extreme.  Tron DAPPs with over 10,000 24hr transactions only grew from 3 to 4 DAPPS, and DAPPs over 1,000 24hr users remained the same.

What DAPP Platform is Winning?

With the first month over month numbers in for Tron, it is clear thus far that TRX DAPPs are not growing at the pace witnessed from EOS.  ETH witnessed a large drop in transactions but users did flock to the new DAPPs at the top with both seeing over 1,000 24hr users.  Who is winning the battle of the DAPP platforms? You be the judge.

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