New Web App and Mobile Apps for Trybe Coming Soon!

New Web App and Mobile Apps for Trybe Coming Soon!

Dear Trybe community,

It is with much pleasure that I would like to announce that we have started development on a new Trybe web app, and once this is finished, mobile apps will follow!

The current website was only ever meant to be a prototype. We grew much faster and more quickly than we imagined, and we’ve tried to keep up. However, as many of you have probably noticed, the existing website is often quite slow and unwieldy!

In a recent survey, the thing that people most requested were new social networking features. Features like chatting, following, messaging, and real-time notifications, as well as the ability to post only to your followers with a Facebook-like experience.

Well, we have listened, and that is exactly what we are currently working on. The new site will contain lightning fast social networking features, as well as a much cleaner, faster, and smoother frontend experience overall 🙂

If you would like to check out the current prototypes in progress, then please visit these links:

Check out the prototypes here:


Mobile responsive:

Once we have the web app running as we want it, we will then focus on creating a mobile app providing a similar experience.

We hope to have the web app finished by March 2019, and the mobile apps by around the middle of next year. This is part of our full roadmap which can be found here.

Thanks again for being part of Trybe, and we look forward to making things much, much better in 2019 and creating a modern web platform that will rival even the largest companies!

If you have any suggestions for the web app, please leave them in the comments below 🙂


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23 thoughts on “New Web App and Mobile Apps for Trybe Coming Soon!”

  1. Fantastic Tom great news indeed, Im so happy that TRYBE team are listening to the community and putting into action. I would like to request a spatial dasboard of all members, globally, with charts and rev counters that reflects members whereabouts, doesnt have to be personal based. We can chat further if you think it would be worthwhile. Great New year for you and your family, TRYBE and the project.
    Mark (Zeus69)

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