Yes! You can monetize your steem account and earn extra bucks additional to up vote rewards.

You guys, already know how steemit works and how to make money.

But, what is steemit monetization ?

Dclick is simply we call it as steemit adsense.

When you post an article in steemit along with your article an ad is displayed on the post, through which earn extra money. it works on pay per click model that means every click you get on displayed ad ears money.

At present the average rate for click is around $0.15, it is paid in native tokens the more clicks you get the payout increases and also depends on of total clicks on that day, you won’t earn anything for impressions.

As per my observation only unique clicks are per ip around 24 hrs don’t click your own ads even for testing your account will be backlisted and won’t get any payout. There is no limit on monetizing number of posts per day, the more clicks you get the more money you ear s.stats of your earnings including number of clicks get on which post is also shown in dashboard.some guys out there earning around $50 to $60 per post with dclick ads monetization.

How to get payout?

Earnings are paid in native DCLICK tokens, as now the smt is under development phase, your earnings are paid in the form of upvotes on steemit posts. The minimum amount to get payout is around $2.

Try this and earn extra bucks, happy earnings guys!

This article is part of my previous arsmall amount of small money earning guide to article. In next post with another site based on steemit platform to earn some steem , next site mostly for beginners established may not like but “small profit is also a profit”.


Example dclick monetized ad post is here:-

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