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The Ripple Firm Gets a New Representative In Israel

Of all the crypto projects built on Blockchain, the major one that caught my attention is Ripple. This firm i believe, has proved to almost all the crypto enthusiasts out there, that they are ready and capable of taking over the crypto industry by surprise only a handful of them still sees the project as a “not worthy one”.

Some people have been wondering what has been keeping it’s price so low despite all the partnership it has secured for itself ever since it started existing, I’m pretty sure that the ones asking questions like these are the impatient ones we have in this industry. Some have attached it’s low price to the numerous court cases the project has passed through since its existence while others think the project would end up like “Bitconnect”.

Well, there’s no doubt, I’m a die-hard fan of Ripple, I have been following the Project for quite some time now, even though I didn’t catch an interest in it when it first came out in 2012. At least, for the little time I have been its die-hard fan, I’m sure and convinced that this project is exactly what we have been looking for (Not a financial advise though, do well to carryout necessary diligence before investing in crypto project).

In the past, Ripple has signed many partnership with renowned companies from around the world, Presently, it is still signing more and in the future, I’m pretty sure that all firm’s worldwide will get to understand what the Ripple firm has in store for us, that is to say more partnership sign ups would be observed in the future. Actually, the fact that the there have been many partnership recorded with the Ripple Firm doesn’t really mean that it will excel in the crypto industry, but the Big question there is, What has these firms seen in Ripple that generates new partnership signups every week? That’s simply because they have brought something very nice to the table, so they ‘ve got no option other than to join the winning team.

It’s latest partnership is currently representing the firm in Israel. Announced by the GMT team, a popular financial setup in Israel, took to Twitter on 15th Dec, they will be partnering with Ripple since they share the same idea and philosophy with the aim of replacing the SWIFT system that has now been considered by many to be outdated and obsolete.

Last week alone, Ripple partnered with 5 different and notable financial firms from different regions of the world; @GMT_afs, @akbank @uaeexchange @coinone_info and @currenciesd, all on Twitter.

Following the recent news and partnerships, the Ripple community created positive vibes on Twitter for the project via comments, see them below;


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