News, Markets, Predictions, A Community & Payouts! – BERM

News, Markets, Predictions, A Community & Payouts! – BERM

As the crypto currency space advanced forward, and we learn new and exciting ways to implement the technology, rather cool apps, or Dapps, are appearing. Each one unique and different in it’s own little way, trying to test weather their tokens, mnemonics can stand the test of time.

One such company that has recently surfaced with a working product (Apps) is Berminal Protocol

Berm Protocol achieves data governance better than any centralized solutions using crypto-economics. It will makes data more trustworthy and accessible, with the help of the community.

Berm will have an Application Layer that will allow developers to build their own apps on top of the BERM protocol, and monetize it with BERM Tokens through the already established berm community. The application Layers will allow its users to mine BERM coins when they take part and become engaged in the community.

Berm Protocol is in the early stages and needs time to grow, however to encourage community growth and to distribute BERM Tokens to a wider audience, they have already come forth with a working and usable product. Berminal!

Berminal is a Crypto  news app that generates short and quick to read news articles related to the crypto currency industry, It lets Users participate by voting, sharing, answering questions and predicting market prices.

You can also check token prices live and set up a market watch lis,t to simplify you crypto info intake!

It’s available as a web client, or app on Android and Apple iOS.

BERM are Currently airdropping tokens to Early users as follows.

+100 BERM New User Sign up (Download App)

+1 BERM for voting on posts (10 Per day)

+2 BERM for answering questions about articles (Continuous)

+10 Link Twitter Account

+2 Follow Bermial on Twitter

+10 BERM per day Share on Twitter

+ ? BERM Based on Market Prediction Accuracy

This seems to be a new way for projects to gain traction and build a community, by airdropping the tokens to users who take part on their apps. I think it is a great method and we may continue to see more project do the same through 2019, however unless like  Berm Protocol, they have plans to build out other applications and uses for their token. They will not survive. Keep that in mind when using these apps / dapps.

If you want to take part in the Berm Airdrop I’ve put the links below

100 FREE Berm Web Users – 

Android – Click Here

Apple iOS – Click Here

PLEASE NOTE : If you are downloading the app, you will need to enter the code ‘9e92daeb’ in the Redeem Token Section of the App to get 100 BERM AIRDROP.

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