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ListaCoin: Decentralized wallet-to-wallet community exchange for EOS

~Exchange your coins privately & never lose coin custody~

     IDEX put an end to perceived customer privacy on decentralized exchanges by implementing KYC. But there is no reason why that needs to become the “industry standard.” Blockchain technology was built on preserving the privacy of users, after all. With that said, we are very excited to introduce the first implementation of our community focused wallet-to-wallet exchange platforms, and an easier to use, faster, more secure alternative to IDEX / Fork Delta with lower exchange fees & trade minimums. Swap with your wallet, buy with your fiat at ListaCoin’s EOS DEX!


What is the ListaCoin DEX?

ListaCoin is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that NEVER plays games with user privacy.
ListaCoin is a DEX where you never lose custody of your cryptocurrency.
ListaCoin is a DEX where you can trade over 400 coins & tokens using our one-click, wallet-to-wallet, #PowerSwap interface.
ListaCoin is a DEX that brings you to the #VIP room with low fees, low minimums, lightning fast transactions and an interface that is so easy to use, even your grandma would understand.
ListaCoin is a DEX that supports cryptocurrency purchases using fiat (USD / EUR).
ListaCoin is a DEX that does what you want, when you want, without having to wait an eternity for your coins.
And most importantly folks… ListaCoin is a DEX that is your friend, your groupie and your guardian angel, all boxed into one.

~Ditch the centralized exchanges. Preserve your privacy and support the community~


The 1st dedicated ListaCoin community! 

Exclusively for the EOS community – we bring you the OFFICIAL EOS WALLET-TO-WALLET DEX – Swap your EOS coins for your choice of over 400 cryptocurrencies. No deposits. No withdrawals. No loss of custody. No time wasted. No bullshit. Just trades at the best price available. 

ListaCoin Airdrop & Exchange launch coming in Q1 2019.  Thank us later 🙂 

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