Tron Coin, a Huge Opportunity with Massive Headwinds in 2019

Tron Coin, a Huge Opportunity with Massive Headwinds in 2019

Tron has been beaten down along with the entire Cryptocurrency Market. Tron (TRX) fell 11% at the beginning of last week, below $0.02/coin and is now out of the top 10 cryptocurrencies by marketcap and then ralled 40% at the end of the week. Ranked #11 at $0.015/coin and with a current marketcap of $999,713,088 and all time high price of $0.2, now is the time to buy this undervalued gem. Tron has had a checkered past with the whitepaper and its transition from an Ethereum-based ERC20 token to its own coin. Going forward, Tron promises investors a chance at high-reward through new projects, new functionality and increasing investment and trade volume.

Tron has a long history of breaks to the upside and downside. If it was a stock, it would be a high “beta” asset. Tron currently sits at $0.015 after breaking below $0.02 last week. Tron’s movements are largely linked to its projects and acceptance to exchanges. In 2018, Tron was launched as its own token from Ethereum and was accepted on all major exchanges including Binance, Bittrex and Kucoin. Tron is establishing itself as a blue-chip cryptocurrency after a rocky launch and 2018.

The future of Tron is on its mainet. Like EOS and Ethereum, Tron is looking to create Dapps and smart contracts. On November 30th, Tron announced the Odyssey-v3.2 protocol to fix some issues on its blockchain and prepare for these smart contracts. Investors saw this as massively positive, and the price surged 40%. Dapps like Tron Dogs and side chains of Tron demonstrate that it has real projects, products and potential.

Tron’s presence on all major exchanges, major developments, market recognition and technology will make it a big winner in 2019. It is highly volatile and responds to market conditions, news and FUD so do not invest any more than you can lose.

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