Best ways to earn crypto without spending a cent

Best ways to earn crypto without spending a cent

Best ways to earn EOS without spending a cent

I see alot of post about earning crypto thought “passive income” which is totally possible btw and they do have legitimate ways but most of them are a gamble still and require some form of investment like with BetDice token. I think that BetDice token probably will make you passive income beyond your original investment but it’s pretty risky investment still, they are doing a great job keeping the volume up and have a bunch of new features coming out. Passive income is not an easy thing to achieve and people will try and sell it to you as its easy, in most cases it was a huge gamble or you got lucky. Most passive income is made from hard work building a business. Steemit is also not very good for alot of people even if you have been using it for awhile it still can not be paying you much at all.

EOS right now in my option has the easiest risk free ways to earn crypto


Trybe if you are reading this on Trybe you will already know so skip this if not stick around. Trybe is by far the easiest way to make money and because Trybe have put in a plan to eliminate whales it makes it easy for anyone to earn about 5 EOS a post. If you are on Steem and create quality content but arent rewarded for it i suggest Trybe, good content always gets what it deserves. I really am surprised Trybe hasn’t got way more member by now give how easy it is to make money.


Dabble is like a Twitter for EOS. Its mostly its off chain so you dont use CPU which is good. Dabble is mostly used by Koreans by using  chrome  with auto translate you can easily use it. You make about 50 DAB a post which takes 24hours to receive in your wallet, not much per post but you can write 1 word if you want and can spam the hell out of it too thats what everyone else is doing. It is possible to make 0.2 EOS daily with little effort, not much but this could keep someone alive in the 3rd world.  Website HERE


Not EOS based its actually Bitshares based you can post all your Steemit and Trybe content there too and make a few dollars a post. Whaleshares signup procedure is the most implicated thing in the world but lucky Sugarfix made a easy step by step guide for people to follow. Guide HERE 


Free if you already own EOS you can lease your tokens to others for CPU, they do support some airdrops to the people that have leased their EOS out. ATM the returns are very high at over 10% per year. Website HERE 

If anyone else knows of an easy risk free ways to make money online let me know in the comments  🙂

Cryptoslice Steemit HERE

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  1. I have had good luck with Chintai , making Eos by renting out my Eos.
    I have rented out for 7 days 14 days and 21. My Eos has always come back.
    However sometimes you need to be patient as it can take 3 to 6 days after
    completion of contract for Eos to be returned.

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