TRYBE Presale vs. Casino Dividends: And The Winner Is …

TRYBE Presale vs. Casino Dividends: And The Winner Is …

… you really wanna know the answer right now? No buddy, I’ll at least try to make this comparison thrilling 😉 To make this clear form the beginning: The following are all my observations of the current situation and are only my opinion. These are by no means any investment advices! Do your own research before investing into TRYBE, MEV, other casino dividend payout tokens or any investment.

During the last days I got caught up very much into the casino worlds. Calculations, payouts daily/weekly/at all..?!, new projects and dividends of different sizes flying around everywhere..! If you’re interested in some of the latest casino payouts worth metioning take a look at my last article of this EOS Casino Games series. I also did a review on FunCity before that. From all of that I came to the conclusion that right now the best casino dividends – concerning the current ROI – is by far Royal Online Vegas (MEV). If you simplify and take the recent cheapest prices (at 0.0100) the ROI was 54%(!) from my calculations. Right before the staking period end at this saturday the price went up like crazy to 0.0180 at the highest point. If you take that highest price from that day it was “only” still 27% ROI. When I was calculating it before I was only expecting like 16% which was already really huge for one week! For now this looks also looks much better than the expected ROI from BetDice which is already always been good and steadily growing so far. This looks even great compared to new projects like EOSLuckyMe who have a really nice payout of their first dividend period with over 40% ROI in the first payouts (which will now decline every day a little until all the initial over 10,000 EOS will then be paid out).

Okay the current winners concerning the observations of the recent ROI’s from casino dividends is clear. But wait a minute what’s about TRYBE..?!

Yeah, we get that now 🙂 When I was thinking about calculating this and finding reasons how to explain it simple, I got remembered at the legend story that goes back to the inventor of the chessboard game (Sissa ibn Dahir):

The inventor was granted a free wish by his ruler for this invention. His choice was: only one grain on the first field of a chessboard. On the second the double quantity of it, thus two. On the third again the double set, i.e. four. etc. until the whole board is full. The king only laughed and was rather angry about the seemingly false modesty. When the king’s arithmetic masters had finished, they came to the following conclusion: 18,446,744,073,709,551,615 Finally, one could only conclude that the king could not pay this amount in full.

This is an example of how the human mind can hardly understand what exponential growth is. One of the best ways is trying to visualize it. Look at the numbers stacking up presented here …:

… or the visualization of it in Pie Charts:

chart created with

I hope you know where I’m heading with this … to the coming airdrops on TRYBE! Okay, you might probably not get 100% more tokens from every airdrop. But as Tom Norwood from TRYBE showed in one of his posts you can expect probably around 20% – 40% more tokens on the second airdrop from 10 million TRYBE tokens on the 11th of december. So in a way these upcoming airdrops are a bit like a small version of this chessboard rice legend example. Because if you have many tokens in the beginning (especially before the 30th of Nevember and on the second “big” one on the 11. of December) it helps you the most later!

In order trying to relate this more fitting to the upcoming TRYBE airdrops I made a visualization using only the following numbers to get a feel for how this exponential growth will be with 20%:

20% because it’s the lowest number that TRYBE estimated at the second airdrop. In future these numbers may decrease because of different factors like people joining or people gathering lots of TRYBE. But to get an approximate feel for how this would turn out with allways 20% more at only 12 steps look at this:

chart created with

I guess the lesson from all of this visualization should be: It helps to get in earlier than later! If you see it l like a game where you have to gain much it is an advantage to simply be in with much before the first airdrop rather than the second and so on. Because the sooner you get it in and secure your share, the more you will have bringing in later to get more tokens.

All in all this of course only a rough estimate, don’t count on it that exact way..! It will sure be more or less or decrease/increase concerning different factors.

And remember: This is only the projection of the amount of tokens gathered through upcoming airdrops! This means the price of TRYBE will of course also influence the expected ROI. Like stated in the advertisement: You can buy at 0.01$ now in the presale and prices are already being higher right now on exchanges (at 0.02$ sometimes). Imagine how the price may develop if the presale ends someday and TRYBE gets to the size of STEEMIT or something similar.

Concerning all these good upcoming developments that are planned already I think it also doesn’t really matter that the price of EOS is down like that. A chance like that in a current market situation like that can also be a reason to shift some of your assets to rearrange your portfolio. Even if they decreased in value, now there’s now at least a chance for very good-looking future potentials with TRYBE. Didn’t do any big calculations on that but I guess waiting until the EOS price goes up with the intention of buying TRYBE in presale on a later point is probably not better than buying now because of the model I presented above. At least in view of the bigger picture/long term..!

For me knowing how valuable content is and how much more worth good content will be in the future I think we don’t have to discuss how awesome TRYBE has already put his feet into the global content market. And we are witnessing only the beginnings!

So with all this being said I think it’s gotten pretty clear to me that it seems to make the most sense getting as much TRYBE as possible until the first airdrop on the end of this month – maybe even with FIAT money / EOS through the presale. The following airdrop on the 11. of December is also important – of course – and all following after that. But the most important ones are the first one (1M) and the second (10M) because of it’s bigger value – by math.

So in the end, you still wanna know who’s my winner. I almost got out of this by distracting you talking about the chessboard & Co. .. 😉 Honestly I think it makes sense to get both – who wouldn’t have thought that! 🙂 But well to concrete the winner for me is TRYBE! Because the TRYBE airdrops are a bit like the explained “Wheat and chessboard problem“. I guess it makes sense to get the most possible before the start of the airdrops. Therefore, I think my best choice is to get only TRYBE now!

TRYBE always promoted before they made any of the detailed information public that the early users of TRYBE would profit the most. I think by all respect to not giving any advices this just my analyze of a great chance for everybody already being involved in TRYBE here right now!

These are all my observations of the current situation and are only my opinion. These are by no means any investment advices! Do your own research before investing into TRYBE, MEV, other casino dividend payout tokens or any investment.


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41 thoughts on “TRYBE Presale vs. Casino Dividends: And The Winner Is …”

  1. Hi, thank you for this interesting and unique comparison. I am not sure if i would agree with your chess comparison though, as the airdrop levels are fixed ( i believe at 10M then 1M), so you will get a proportional share but you won’t get an exponential share. Having said this i completely agree with you that Trybe might be the more promising long term investment option, as one casino is as good as the other, and they can hardly leverage their income, without becoming less attractive to users. On the other hand, Trybe has launched early and is rapidly building a quality user base, this is something that has a real scaling effect, and imo gives it a better value, as its something much harder to achieve to incoming competitors.

    • Yeah right, you can’t relate it directly to that. It’s more of a rough estimation that has lots of errors.
      Before writing this I made up my mind and originally wanted to do a more detailled calculation. But to do this with securing resonable results I think I’d have to do a rough estimation of the current “top holders”. Also wasn’t so sure how to factor in the current market cap and the presale amount. When now thinking about this it isn’t really that hard .. 😉 However thanks for your suggestions and input.
      And yes this is also very true! From a pure social perspective I also rather like to support things that are “good for the people” like TRYBE, that’s true. However I think being able to become partly a casino owner is also rather a good developement for gambling. However if you also want to reduce it to future security, like simply: Will there be Casino Dividends or TRYBE in a few years and how much likely is that one of the two gets “shut down” (by authorities or whatever…)? Then the better choice would be probably TRYBE! Gonna write about that in more detail in some later article I guess, but I think you can’t expect this whole casino gambling thing to go on like that without anyone interfering. I definitely don’t hope so and for now one might ask himself how they could do that. But we will see what the future brings.
      However, I’m glad for your feedback, thanks!

      • One of the beauties of TRYBE as compared to casinos is as Conceptskip said,,, they can and will keep making casinos,,,, but TRYBE is in constant acquisition of “valuable content for the ages”. Everyday the value of content is building up, and unlike Steemit, that content has value forever (as it should have). The content quantity on TRYBE is expanding exponentially, just like the chessboard analogy.

        • That’s true! Well said. There’s nothing more valuable than information. Hard to get sometime how very far we are at the beginning of all this. But with all of the future stuff coming and especially for the times that are ahead of us, like different cryptos fighting for usec cases with different values and things like Helios (or others) stepping up and testing the capabilities of EOS. All of this creates so much content worth being written – and on the other hand also so much people wanting to read new stuff that when we can say one thing for the crypto future: Uncertainety, so there will be allways the need for good content. … Well I guess you got my point!
          Thanks for your thoughtful comment @i-am & nice other anology for the chessboard!

  2. A very interesting and enjoyable post @infosion. I agree with Conceptskip that the returns will be good but not exponential. However, as ye both note – Trybe is developing very nicely and this may well become a very successful platform in due course with the Trybe token following along. I’ll rate later – 2 day rule.

    • Thanks @cryptosdecrypted! Appreciate your thoughful comment. Yeah like I said above, didn’t put too much thinking into that. I guess the comparison is kind of too far. Learned something from this allready for the next time presenting such data..!
      Yeah, the developement of TRYBE is really nice. I read from one guy in the telegram group today who was pretty new that he thinks TRYBE is one of the very few projects in the crypto world who reach their target deadlines. I think this is very true and really rare these days. On top of that you can add up a perfectly planned deliverment and so far developement with also lots of surprises here and there 🙂

    • Yeah right, have to say I found myself also some times converting some bills to the value of EOS 😉
      But yes honestly it’s very true and always mind blowing how fast something grows if you calculate with perecentages of percentages!

      • Yes true, there are lots of gambling sites in the “normal” online world who don’t give any rewards and people usually still join, because they are looking primarily for a way to gamble.
        Also yes lot’s of smaller sites may not be able to cope up with the developement of their comptetitors. But I also think there are probabaly completely new things coming which aren’t developed or may be even thought of yet who will have more success and may be get fast more success then market leaders today.

  3. Very good article . Thanks for the info .. I have been accumulating the gambling dapp coins myself .. I am sure some of these will make it and residuals will add up . My favorites are eospoker, betdice and mev.. Presale trybe I jumped in as well . I agree that the earlier the better to get the best accumulation..

    • Yeah I’m pretty sure that we will see Betdice being lng times on the top and more growing, they seem to have the best overall deliverment so far for the user experience. Also EOSPoker is another really interesting one, being the first ones who are bringing online Poker “really” to the blockchain. I’m very interested how this will develope!
      Thank you very much for your input!

  4. The Parsl airdrop was even better. I made the decision to hold my 1000 seed from the initial airdrop. Before the price pumped I bought another 2000 seed for around 4eos on Newdex. I answered the 2 question survey and sat back and waited, watched the price pump and worked out in my head and hoped I get 1:1 thus doubling my seed and thus eos value.

    Imagine my shock when I got airdropped 29000 seed!

    Needless to say I’m following the model you outlined and will hold my Parsl seed tokens throughout the next 10 airdrops.

    I’ve also purchased some more Trybe tokens because of this and will look forward to see my stack grow here also.

    Nice article by the way.

    • Wow, indeed that really was a huge and valuable drop!! Really wasn’t aware that this was goin to be sooo huge! Also so lucky that I was reminded by the TRYBE telegram. Got kind of distracted by everything happening around and realised again that I need better planning.. 😉 , but managed to register there right in time one day before…
      Yeah your rate is kind of the same I got, I also expected something like 1:1 at maximum, and now.. like 1,000% 🙂
      I actually allready bought a little bit more – just out of principle – because it’s so cheap right now 🙂 And will be hodling a lot also now I guess!
      And yes and to not forget it again TRYBE is also very important. I think we can’t expect such a nice rate there, but it’s nevertheless at least equally valuable may be some day day in the future.
      Thanks for your nice comment!

    • Thanks a lot! Yes I really think so in the long run. It’s more valuable creating content then to gamble and also relevant: I think TRYBE has not so much competition to expect in the near future at the crytpo space – other then the gambling DApps.
      Very excited to see what’s coming next 🙂

  5. Nice article. I’m bullish on Trybe since it has a clear purpose and a solid team. I can’t say the same thing about some of the tokens on the EOS platform. Hundreds of tokens that have the same purpose: gambling. Those coins could die at any time.

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