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Trybe TV – An interview with EVA – the decentralized Uber on EOS

Eva – the decentralized uber… What can I say about Eva and Dardan? Have I ever wanted someone to win as badly? I really don’t know… Before I get going, make sure you join EVA on telegram here. I want to see the community and awareness grow because I really see a use case with what he is doing so please show the team some support and go chat all of them up as they seem to always be there.  We need to support innovative projects on EOS.

I don’t even know what to say about EVA… I love this DAPP. I really like Dardan. A fellow Canadian he, along with his team, are attempting to decentralize the rideshare industry. Humble, polite, intelligent and well spoken he has the right attitude to be able to pull it off. Unlike Uber, the dapp will actually redistribute some of the profits back into the community and the drivers get a full 85 percent of the rate. It’s blockchain at it’s finest. Dardan seems to understand that only when we pull the “blockchain” out of dapps, will we really see mass adoption.

I like Dardan because he is ambitious but realistic. I really think that EVA could pave the way to some very very big things.

If you are interested in learning more, check out the website and some of the links below. EVA has some major partners and has done some real press so I was really grateful that Dardan managed to carve out some time to chat. One of my favorite dapps to hit EOS… truly.


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