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XRP- The Future of Cryptocurrency

With a cryptocurrency community like no other, a #2 position by marketcap and a growing partnership with company after company, Ripple’s XRP is the future of cryptocurrency. During the most recent bear market, Ripple’s XRP has overtaken Ethereum handily as the #2 cryptocurrency by market cap. Ripple’s XRP has a cult following, a massive market cap, attention and listing on all major exchanges and partnerships with companies worldwide that matter. It will be the future of cryptocurrency.

Ripple’s XRP was recently called out by the CEO of Binance for consideration as a “base cryptocurrency”, which is a cryptocurrency that can be traded for any coin on the exchange. The XRP fan base has been out in force to convince CZ Zhao to make it so. Binance is the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange. The fan base of XRP is nothing short of fanatical. Their Reddit page is constantly buzzing with updates and cryptocurrency news pages are always writing Ripple XRP articles.

XRP’s 2019 price forecast are all over the map, with the lowest at $1 and the highest at $20. With a total market cap of $19 billion and a current price of $0.5, a $20 price would equal a $760 billion dollar marketcap, which is the market cap of Amazon and Microsoft.

Price follows volume. XRP’s presence on all the major exchanges including Binance and Bittrex makes it a sure winner during the next bull run. A major factor that will impact XRP’s price is the shaky world stock market. Some view cryptocurrencies as digital gold, and money is sure to flow there during the crash. Keep in mind we are 344 days into the bear market of cryptocurrencies and the last bear lasted only 600 days.

Ripple’s XRP goal is to overtake global commerce by disrupting the currently used and high-fee SWIFT system. Those who transfer money internationally know the slow speed and high fees SWIFT imposes. SWIFT is run off of 40-year old technology, while Ripple’s XRP is 6-years old and faster with much lower fees. If XRP overtakes SWIFT, it will be well on it’s way to the #1 cryptocurrency by adoption and usage in a trillion dollar industry.

Ripple’s XRP will deliver to investors. Its current price does not reflect its future potential. I am not a financial advisor, but will begin accumulating XRP when it is at $0.4 and below due to the extended cryptocurrency bear market.

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