Since the WORBLI token sale is not just your average offering I thought I would do a little walk-through on how to purchase WBI on Chainrift.

First go to and sign up for an account.

Fill in all your account details and choose a password.

Agree to all the terms of service and create your account.

You should see this confirmation screen.

Check your email and click the link to complete your registration.

Then sign in and you will be asked to enable 2-Factor Authentication. For this you need an app on your phone or tablet. I recommend Authy ( because you can backup all your 2-FA codes with it in case you lose your device.

When you enable 2-FA it will give you a QR code like this to scan with Authy. It will give you a 6 digit code to input and confirm enabling 2-FA

I also suggest enabling IP Verification. Click the radio box.

Once clicked you will be asked to add new IP address. Click the button and choose current.

Then click Update Settings and it will ask you to input your 2FA.

Go to the Trading tab on the top left and you should see WBI/EOS near the top of the list. There is also a WBI/BTC pair. Click the appropriate pair for the currency you would like to pay in. c


If you scroll down you will find a convenient deposit button. I will demonstrate EOS since I purchased in EOS. Click the deposit button.


You will be whisked away to the deposit screen. Make sure to input the Address and the Memo in your transfer!

I use for most of my transfers but the same process applies to any wallet or exchange. Input the Address and Memo’s in the proper field and choose the amount of EOS you would like to send to Chainrift. Confirm the transfer.

Go back to the trading tab and wait for your transfer to confirm. It usually takes about 5 minutes.

Once it confirms click the top sell order, and input the amount of EOS you would like to spend, or if you want to spend it all just click the number where it says “You have 20.00000 EOS”

Click BUY and it will ask you to confirm your order. Once you have confirmed the details are correct press Submit.

Congratulations! You have just purchased WBI and you are among the first people in the world to own it!!

WORBLI sharedrop portal opens Nov 21st at! Don’t forget to check it out!

This is not financial advice. I am a WORBLI token hodler and work for Trybe who is in a partnership with WORBLI. Please exercise responsible investment.

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