A podcast version of Matt’s chat with Domenic from Worbli who is creating a fork of the EOS Software that integrates banking compliant standards with crypto creating the access to banking and Crypto assets for those who might not even have access to a bank account as well as investors alike. Assets will be insurable and Domenic is a massive EOS fan who explains why the only option was to fork for the purposes. Active within the EOS community, Domenic and his team are paving the way to bring crypto and finance a little closer together utilizing the EOS.io software. interesting project and show some promise.

I think this could be a great gateway connecting vendors and crypto payments. I also see it as a way that people can finally store their Crypto Assets without fear of cybercrime or theft. Finally a way to eliminate the headaches and massive fees associated with buying crypto assets. Could be big. What do you guys think?

find more about Worbli http://worbli.io/

or visit them on their telegram channel here


and stay tuned for the airdrop!

A great talk and looking forward to doing it again. I want to know about your opinions on EOS forks. Drop me a comment below and give the video a like if you enjoyed the interview.

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