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Airdrop Stellar Lumens (XLM ) – how to get free $ 25

Hi friends! Today I want to tell you how you can get $ 25 easily and naturally! So who is so generous and willing to give everyone $ 25?

So, allow me to present to you our generous patron, is a project of Stellar Lumens!

So what is the reason for such generosity and how to get the coins of the project in the total amount of $ 25? I’ll start in order

The main condition of this Airdrop is that you must be a Blockchain wallet user

How do the organizers answer the question-Why are you giving away free crypto? 

“At Blockchain, we’re passionate about connecting the world to crypto and helping our users interact with crypto assets in a safe and easy way. The first step to becoming an active participant in the crypto ecosystem is getting a crypto asset. By offering XLM to our users for free, we hope to help build a bigger community of crypto users.”


So what is the idea and why announced Airdrop? Seeing how the EOS ecosystem is developing (with a huge number of air drops that rain fell on the heads of EOS holders and brought huge success to the projects) and wishing not to miss the moment Stellar being the 5th economy in the cryptocurrency market with a capitalization of more than 5 billion dollars, went to the unprecedented step and announced Airdrop for 125 million dollars in XLM (500 million XLM)! The announcement came soon after the People’s Bank Of China (PBoC) made public a financial report labeling all ICOs, tokens and even Airdrops as illegal.

What do I need to do to receive XLM?
We’ll send you an email with instructions when it’s your turn to claim your XLM. You’ll need to have a Blockchain Wallet to receive your funds. If you already have one – great! No need to create another. We will also require participants to verify their identity to ensure that no one is trying to claim more XLM than they are entitled to (one XLM distribution per person, unless participating in any bonus activities). You can still use your Blockchain Wallet without verifying.

XLM has become the fourth coin that users of the wallet can now store in their portfolio. Previously, it was BTC, ETH and BCH

If you want to get coins but are not a wallet user then you first need to install the app on your gadget Android IOS 

To participate in Airdrop, you need to register and send your email address. You can do it by following the link Or after installing the wallet go to the link from the pop-up window.

Have you registered by sending your mail? Got a wallet? Congratulations, you are participating in Airdrop!

How much XLM will I receive?

Once your identity has been verified, you will receive $25 worth of XLM. This is just the beginning. By verifying your identity, you will be automatically entered into additional giveaways.

The organizers promise to be generous in the future, which means that a nice bonus of $ 25 in the form of XLM tokens may not be the last!

The article uses images that are a compilation of screenshots of the official application and the project site

All good mood! I wish you good luck, love and patience!

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