Varanida pays you to block advertising on the web

Varanida pays you to block advertising on the web

Varanida is an extension for Chrome and Firefox, its function is to block advertising and banners that open suddenly while you are surfing the net. Unlike the other blockers available online, it has its peculiarity, which is to pay its users with their ECR20 token called VAD. In a few minutes you’ll be able to install it on your favorite browser and start earning tokens.

The cryptocurrency market has not yet come out and therefore it will be up to some time to see its value, in the future they should implement a function in which the companies intending to propose their advertisements on the different sites that will adhere to the offer, will reward the users of Varanida who will decide to watch their spot. An idea of ​​use different from before, where you were forced to look at advertisements willy-nilly, in this case, however, in the future you should be free to choose whether to look at them or not.

Simple and intuitive, like drinking the classic teacup, with an excellent flavor because, testing it for some time, I have to admit to be very satisfied because it has the same function and its functions are identical to those of Ad Blocker, which I used previously, but, what should not be underestimated, plus you give some token, which is not at all a bad thing, I personally find it a really nice thing.

They didn’t reach the soft-cap goal, so they refund all participants from 3 rounds for the original value of Ethereum, Bitcoin and in Euros for Round zero that they contributed.

This sweet revolution of being paid to use tools and share content is not a small factor, it stimulates creativity and commitment by users to do their best, trying to constantly improve.

If you have the pleasure and intend to register I leave you my referral code to be inserted in the appropriate field during the first steps: 0x192ca0a1f22d17f9253e89e92c07529c10a3034d



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