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Ripple (XRP) can see “ $ 5” in the year 2019

If you think that crypto will return the money back to the highest values of all time, Ripple will offer a bigger ROI compared to a coin like Bitcoin. This is because a return of $ 3.30 with a current price of $ 0.51 is about 6 times higher than Bitcoin’s 1.5 x. Is that possible? Will ripple (XRP) return the price to the highest point of all time? Some experts have gone so far as to estimate that the XRP will make $ 5 at the end of the year to represent 15x YG. We will look down for three reasons that this possibility may be valid.

Increased adoption by banking institutions

Ripple offers a Blockchain solution that tries to solve problems that have blocked the financial industry for decades: slow processing speeds, high transaction costs, and unreliability. Ripple also aims to make cross-border payments much more efficient for these major payment providers. In the early success of these solutions, the fact that large financial institutions are partners in the Ripple platform has a great impact.

So far, more than 100 financial institutions, ranging from payment providers to banks, have been partnered with Ripple and many Blockchain solutions offered by the platform. Earlier this year Ripple had a partnership with BankDhofar, the First Bank in Oman. In a press release, the bank’s Information Officer, Dr. Tariq Taha states that why this move is so important to the bank:

With this, we can provide instant, non-friction and secure cross-border transfers in seconds with end-to-end visibility on the payment journey.

Ripple also announced that it will partner with “many banks” in Germany.

Other partnerships

Ripple positions itself as the preferred distributed book technology for cross-border financial transactions. On this front, Ripple was accepted by financial firms. Unfortunately, the price of the XRP has not changed proportionately to these partnerships.

Some commentators claim that some of these companies do not use Ripple’s token XRP, so the price does not increase. This may be partially true. Now we will look at three factors that will enable the price of XRP to rise to the peak soon.

Flutterwave partnership

Flutterwave is an African-oriented company that wants to close the gap between Africa and the global economy. Thanks to flutterware’s partnership with Ripple, Ripple’s Blockchain Power will be used to build payment infrastructures. For the first time, this partnership has opened Africa to the Ripple platform, which is a Blockbain to handle payments in other parts of the world.

To realize the full potential of the platform, Flutterware had to go through new configurations containing an xCurrent installation. This connection allows all platforms on RippleNet to send and receive payments in real time.

Ripple’s xCurrent will interface with the InterLedger protocol designed by Fluttterware to meet a single currency. As this partnership gets deeper, a usage situation for the XRP will probably naturally occur, which will positively affect its price.

Integration in moneynettin

An important integration that will lead to the rise of the XRP in the coming months. Moneynetint is an e-money Company built in the UK. The company specializes in cross-border payment for corporate customers. Moneynettin CEO Yishay Trif said::

After realizing how the Ripple team supported the process, we decided to choose them. Together, we hope that we can begin to develop significant developments in the field of cross-border money transfers and simplify processes. In the past months or even years, the process of interfacing and approval between financial institutions has now decreased significantly from a few days to a few weeks..

This positive development shows that Ripple will soon rise because of the start of their cooperation.

Using credit cards to buy XRP on changely

Krypto money transformers in Changely, a virtual stock market, can now use credit and debit cards (MasterCard or Visa) to purchase XRP on the platform. This transaction is now possible after the creation of the krypto currency exchange in partnership with SimplexCC, a credit card processor. The credit card processor is a licensed finance company in the European Union.

Along with most financial institutions that prohibit customers from using credit cards to buy a Krypto, the move by Changely will lead to more people who invest directly in XRP from their bank accounts. There are also other important partnerships that have the potential to influence ripple’s price in the coming months.

Gates and the Melinda Foundation Partnership, for example, helped to connect non-bank people to financial solutions through the Mojaloop project. The project uses the power of Ripple’s Interplager protocol. Moreover, Ripple’s CEO says dozens of financial institutions will use the XRP token in 2019. Therefore, the Ripple (XRP) price may soon see large gains.

Now the fastest processing platform

Until recently, visa was the fastest company in the world when it came to global financial transaction rates. A series of system updates on the Ripple platform saw the platform’s top position. Before the system update, Ripple can only perform 1,500 transactions, and now it can perform 50,000 transactions per second. This is twice as much as what VBA can handle with only 24,000. This makes Ripple the world’s fastest processing platform.

Now companies can subscribe to the xRapid package offered by Ripple and perform faster and more secure transactions. The package will also help reduce the exchange rate and global payment costs since the XRP and fiat currency were worn out like gloves and hand.

Ripple (XRP) price technical analysis

Recently, Weiss Ratings listed Ripple as one of the four Krypto currencies available for purchase. Of course, the price of Ripple (XRP) will depend on the market. In addition, to shoot between $ 0.50 and $ 5 will require a serious growth. Ripple proves that there is no Securities, and if he can win traction in the above three articles, he can easily become a new institution in modern banking. Moreover, despite the bear market, partnerships continue. So, Ripple still has big players rising too high.

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