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Tools to Help Organize Your Crypto Day

Tools To Organize Your Crypto Day

Staying current in the crypto landscape is a fulltime job – even as a fulltime job its nigh on impossible to stay up to date. Having a go-to set of tools goes a long way to bridge the information gap. Having a system in place, a hierarchy of use is also vital. Simply flitting from site to site and utility to utility is extremely inefficient and more than likely masking some robotically repetitive actions such as checking Blockfolio 50 times a day.

My top five Daily tools/websites (in order of use) are:




Trybe / Medium / Hackernoon (I count these websites as one phase)

YouTube – CryptoZombie

This is how I start my crypto Day:

TradingView BTC-USD chart 4hr setting. Everything flows from BTC so why start anywhere else. BTC up 5%, you already know the direction for the rest of the market. I usually take a couple of minutes to view the chart at different time frames – defaulted to 4hr, zoomed to 1hr and back out to the daily.

Coincheckup – I have a customized coin list with all my current Day Trading positions. Quick check. I also have a customized investment list which I check once a week, I focus on the 90 day price movement relative to BTC.

CryptoPanic: A top class news aggregator. I scan the 50 most recent displayed and expand any headline that catches my eye. I find that only 5 or so of the fifty turn out to be worth reading or in fact new. Most articles are simply carriers for advertisements, the articles themselves being little more than dutiful posts on current news events – lacking depth, a critical eye, and any real insight in the cryptoverse. Still, a news aggregator is the most efficient way to garner a snapshot of the market and to catch ‘breaking news’. Remember 99% of such ‘news’ will not be investment grade but it does help you build a coherent view of the market.

Trybe / Medium / Hackernoon

Having caught up with day’s events. It’s time for weightier material. Trybe I always make an effort to read, rate and comment on at least 5 posts – it’s a community after all and simply checking my balance and replying to those who rate my work is only half the journey towards building this remarkably engaged and knowledgeable community. I then delve into a couple of Medium or Hackernoon posts – the depth and quality of which is an order of magnitude better than ‘mainstream media’ sites.

Finally, I check-in on one daily YouTuber. At the moment ‘Crypto Zombie’ delivers the most value. He has a light touch, covers a lot of recent crypto developments, displays an above average understanding of the various tech and rarely shills. His videos usually come in at about 25 minutes.

Throughout the day, I rinse and repeat this cycle even as I utilize a wide range of other websites and utilities (Blockchain Explorers, Twitter, my own website

Have I missed an essential tool or website? If so let me know in the comments. As always looking forward to your comments and critiques.

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