Namecoin (NMC): The blockchain at the service of domain names

Namecoin (NMC): The blockchain at the service of domain names

Looking for a new project on blockchain really useful for the people, you don’t want to speculate but you want a cryptocurrency with a solid plan for its future, but you haven’t found anything yet?

Namecoin (NMC) allows to register a domain name without requiring authorisation of a third party entity. Namecoin register the domain names and their associated values into its blockchain, so nobody can to block access to .bit domain names. You don’t send your documents to nobody, this is very good to protect your privacy online. To register a domain name with Namecoin has a low fee.

Namecoin can be mined. Getting a .bit domain involves the purchase of Namecoin, a .bit domain will cost about 0.01 NMC and a low transaction fee. The .bit domains must be renewed every 35,999 blocks, that correspond to approximately 200/250 days, but the renewal is free, the only thing you have to pay is the low transaction fee. At the moment, Namecoin isn’t anonymous, but pseudo-anonymous, but this possibility is in development.

You buy and register a .bit domain name into Namecoin wallet

Namecoin (NMC) market trends

I think this project on blockchain is unique, Namecoin is very important for to protect the privacy online, people must to buy domain names without leaving their data around the web.

To buy domain names without leaving personal data to ICANN is an important first step towards the decentralized internet. Namecoin eliminates Domain Name System surveillance, domain names are transcribed into blockchain and to buy a domain name is low cost, privacy has a high level with Namecoin, all these aspects are very important. Namecoin is a one of the best blockchain projects in this moment.

If you want to know more Namecoin, please go to this website =>

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  1. Hi there!
    How has this coin progressed! I remember a few years ago I had some of these coins and their desktop wallet but I think that by then there was no such thing as domains or site; they also had a very low price; well, talking about two years ago, more or less.

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