TRON Bet : 2 Billion TRX in Dividend

TRON Bet : 2 Billion TRX in Dividend

TRON is the next biggest competitor to the EOS platform in terms of scaling, mass adoption, TPS. Recently they have acquired bittorrent for 126 million USD and planning to expand further. If you are planning to diversify your crypto investment TRON is my next bet after the EOS

Tron main net launched just over 4 months ago and scaling up very quickly. TRON Bet is one of the first Dapps launched in TRON mainnet

This is the main page of TRONbet Click Here to play TRON Bet.

Tron Bet is similar to Betdice but in TRON platform. Betdice got huge attraction in EOS platform. It involves rolling the number between 1-100 and gambling on the number.  Since it is the first gambling in TRON main net it has attracted huge attention from TRON community and i recommend the same. It has accumulated over 2 Billion TRX which to be distributed on 2 Nov 2018.

Here are the Main Updates:

  • Platform Token : ANTE
  • Play 1000 TRX to be awarded with 1 ANTE token
  • Currently 100 ANTE Token will give dividend of 1000 TRX
  • To Summarize  the above if you play 100,000 TRX you will get 1,000 TRX. i.e 1% every 2 weeks
  • ANTE is not listed on any exchange so only source to acquire and get dividend is by playing the game
  • In Game Chat box for the community members


Steps to install TRON link and play the Game.

  1. TRON has chrome extension wallet known as TRON link similar to our scatter
  2. Install TRON link using this link :
  3. Import the tron account into the wallet
  4. Go the TRONbet here and click roll by entering the TRX you want to wager

It is very much similar to how you play dice game with scatter.

Play the TRONbet and acquire more and more ANTE coin to get TRX. Time is running out. On 1st Nov 23:59:59 they will distribute around 2 Billion of TRX in dividend to ANTE Holder. 

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