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Stellar Starlight will now perform operations instantly and for free

Stellar Starlight will now perform operations instantly and for free

CoinMarketCap crypto money list 6. Next, stellar set Starlight as their “Lightning Network”as a payment channel that allows private, free and immediate payments.

Stellar network launches Starlight with its own Lightning Network

As our summer prepares for publication, we see that stellar (XLM) has changed hands from $ 0.2329. The daily trading volume of the sixth largest crypto money is currently 36 million dollars. As shown in the chart below, stellar has a downward momentum.


In the meantime, starlight has officially announced that Stellar is a payment channel application.:

Interstellar is pleased to announce Starlight’s preview version. And Stellar has two-way payment channels. Payment channels allow the parties to transact transactions without commissions in a private, immediate and secure manner.

Starlight is currently in the test phase

Blocking some of the funds used by Channel users during network usage allows transactions to be done privately, instantly and free of charge, normally replacing the low fees and check-in time of payments.

Currently, the system, called by Stellar, will have its own Lightning Network after the test phase, as stated in the announcement.

Starlight payment channels have a structure similar to the Bitcoin payment channels used in the “Lightning Network”. As starlight expands its project to support not only payment channels but also multiple tab payments on these channels, we plan to create it in compliance with other payment channel networks such as Lightning and Interleuger.

Currently it will support all assets after project enhancements including only XLM operations

The test phase project supports two-sided channels, including the built-in Wallet application and Starlight payment channel software. Although it currently only allows transactions on XLM, it is planned to support all future versions and all assets published on the Stellar network.

The information contained in the article is for informational purposes only. Does not constitute any investment advice.

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