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Good news to ripple Hodler: XRP TipBot app is ready!

The Ripple community celebrates the application of the XRP TipBot, a third-party software built on the XRP Ledger and created by a developer named Wietse Wind. The XRP tipbot app is a success with the launch of approval by Google and Apple.

The mobile application versions of XRP Tippot have been released. The application allows users to quickly send between themselves up to 20 XRP via QR code. The application is available for Android and iOS. Wind, said the subject.:

With the XRP tipbot app, you can bring your friends, family, even your stores or restaurants together into real life. Just enter the amount and scan a QR code. XRP Typbot also works with QR codes on personal donation pages.

To celebrate this, tipbot has a type limit of 20 XRP for each type. Consumers who are expected to use tippot in real life are shops, bars, restaurants, charities and friends/families.

Collaboration with coil enabled tippot users to pay Micro-on XRP

To use this application, XRP must be installed on the typbot platform. The most important feature that distinguishes the application from other mobile wallet like toast is that users can use the existing tiptob credentials with this application. It can also combine switches between these devices. Wietse wind also announced that the first days of the tippot app will allow activation by scanning only QR from the desktop for users. The team is working on an update that includes mobile activation of the application.

Recently, XRP is another third-party micro payment platform built on the XRP Ledger. Collaboration with coil enabled tippot users to pay Micro-on XRP. Coil aims to solve the problem of paying for content generated by people on the web and to prevent ads.

An interesting stream stream provided by Coil

An interesting feature provided by Coil stream is the transfer of assets and messages in real time. This means that crypto currency payments are made only in a continuous stream of small bits. This may be a service in the XRP ecosystem where users can pay for each flow. For example, users can only pay for their streams in seconds of their video.

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