Tron (TRX) mainnet accounts reach 399.718

Tron (TRX) mainnet accounts reach 399.718

On October 22, the Tron Foundation was attack last week. The detailed report contains information about technical developments, social activities and partnerships in the TRON (TRX) ecosystem.

Tron (TRX) mainnet accounts reach 399.718

Tron Foundation gave information about market transactions. TRON MainNet accounts reached 399.718, according to the statistics of the two main indices (account number and transfer volume). The peak number of single day transfer volume increased to 440.155 and the average daily transfer volume was 146.041.

Looking at the technical developments made by the foundation, TRON an anonymous transaction in his wallet plan the research was carried out. Build updates by optimizing the performance of in-memory databases. Edited exception handling and organized Log features are also part of the update. The ongoing work includes the consensus protocol, the Test source ceiling, dynamic change and changes in resource authorization.

Details of Tron’s weekly report

Tron Foundation’s community events include the launch of the Japanese social media giant line’s own crypto currency link. The stock market platform helps users protect themselves from threats and secure their assets. The developer community also opened a Discord developer channel, which is said to become an important discussion channel for a community.

Tron (TRX) published its weekly report: Ethereum comparison, new listings, partnerships and more…

October 15, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), a market forecast for Tron mainnet, released Coinwar. In addition, the FCC team is optimizing the product with other language versions. What’s more, Tron compared Tron with Ethereum during the same period after the launch, Tron’s number of accounts was 13 times the Ethereum. The peak number of single-day transfer volume was 49 times that of Ethereum, and the average daily transfer volume was 29 times that of Ethereum. Tron’S total number of accounts is 20% more than EOS.

Tron Foundation officially approves partnership with Baidu browser

On October 18, The Tron Foundation officially approved its partnership with Baidu browser, China’s largest internet service provider. According to the report, the partnership will be able to break the solution developed with the help of cloud computing resources. This makes it more accessible to use Bockchain technology.

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