Cardano Altcoin

Cardano Altcoin

As we know after the birth of bitcoin other cryptovalute called altcoin were born, differentiating in some aspects and focusing more on privacy and security! I want to list some but I will do it in different posts so as not to be more incisive and detailed!

Let’s go with Cardano

While most of the cryptocurrencies on the market exploit non-proprietary technologies, Cardano (ADA) is the first completely open-source blockchain, built on the results of various academic research. The entire Cardano project is dedicated to the work of Gerolamo Cardano, a great Italian Renaissance mathematician.

Hundreds of projects were quick to publish a whitepaper in order to claim an idea as “the first who thought about it”. This did not happen for the former CEO of Ethereum and founder of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, who set out to create a scientifically sound and secure platform. Ready to challenge Ethereum.

In support of this ambitious project there are 3 companies, each with a well-specialized role.

IOHK – the engineering and engineering company Hoskinson designed, built Cardano and has the task of maintaining it until 2020.

Cardano Foundation – a non-profit organization based in Switzerland that manages relations with government institutions. In order to encourage global adoption, they also create strategic partnerships with companies and open-source projects.

Emurgo – an incubator in charge of developing and integrating companies on Cardano’s blockchain.

Why Cardano (ADA) deserves attention?

The advent of the anniversary, a year after its birth, has certainly been a good prerequisite for releasing news and considerations on Cardano. Hoskinson recently released a video on YouTube dedicated to the Cardano community, which details some of the progress already made by the team, as well as some directives for the future.

Mainnet updates

There are 2 major updates for the Mainnet of Cardano. The first of these, Cardano 1.3.1, basically consists of several bug fixes. And after all this will enter the testnet Yoroi Wallet, the extension of Chrome.

The other important update concerns October 2018 in which we will see the release of the testnet with Cardano 1.4, a major update that will show the way in which the data are stored, the backend of the wallet and more. Users will be able to install an initial version of Daedalus, an open-source ADA desktop wallet, so that they can eventually bring to light bugs, if there were any.

Support for Ledger

IOHK and Emurgo have collaborated with Ledger to introduce the support to Cardano (ADA) on their hardware wallet: Ledger Nano S. Hoskinson believes that Yoroi will probably be the first Cardano interface on Ledger.

Cardano says that the team is currently at 50% with regard to support for Ledger Nano S and that further integration with the Daedalus wallet is underway. We also remind you that Ledger has made available a public bulletin board (Trello) in which to view any cryptocurrencies that would like the integration with Ledger Nano S, and Cardano is at the top of the list in terms of interaction with the community.

ADA is currently trading at $ 0.085 and is in ninth position by market capitalization. A value still far from its ATH of January 2018 which had reached the value of $ 1.32.

I believe in this Altcoin and I wrote it simply to describe and not to publicize this cryptomoneta!

I hope you enjoyed this post and that I can continue to make informed!

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4 thoughts on “Cardano Altcoin”

  1. @Warface – Thank you for this article, I dont who voted you down, i suppose some EOS fanatic, or whatever, but I give you full marks as i believe in crypto in general and the great projects out there which includes Cardano (ADA), I have invested in this project as well. I believe more in crypto mass adoption than being fanatical about one coin, or crypto, to me breaking away from the bank institutions that control the worlds finances and keep the poor as they are and the money for themselves. Keep it up.
    Mark (Zeus69)

  2. A crypto worthy of attention, not derailed by any FUD, the best cryptographers in the world are developing ADA at a steady pace. This was actually the first crypto I invested in mid 2017 and one of the few that still delivers ROI if I would be selling. But this is one I am will to hodl for decades if need be.

  3. Cardano (ADA) is holding steady during this bear market at these lows. One of the core principles in this market that I follow is to follow developers even if I can’t read code that well. There is a lot of development on this generation 3 protocol. They have heavy concentration in Japan and Ethiopia and the advantage to watch how other generation 3 protocols launch…..and learning from their mistakes. A good solid project with tons of upside.

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