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Airdrops are not airdrops?

A lot of Airdrops are around that in my mind doesn’t deserve the name airdrop.

What? How?

The thing is, in my mind an airdropped token is when you have to do NOTHING like instance if you hold EOS or NEO in your wallet, you get occasionally some free airdropped tokens right?

THIS is what I call an airdrop because I didn’t have to do ANYTHING, the coins just dropped from the air in my wallet => AIR DROP!

Now you have A LOT of “kinda” airdrops where you have to, signup, share on social media and lots and lots more…

This tokens should not be called airdrops, because you actually get PAID for promoting the got damn thing YES?!

So now the thing is, we = the crypto community should come up with a better name for this “kinda” airdrops.

My suggestions:

– ETs (Earned Tokens) = because you earned them = you did some tasks
– EPTs (Earned Promotional Tokens) = because you actually earn them for your invested time for promotion
– SMTs (Social Media Tokens) = because you have to share and promote the thing

Huh, that’s about it what I can come with!?!

Please add your name for this “kinda” airdrops that actually are not airdropped 😛

Best regards from sLOVEnia




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