The world of cryptocurrencies: Cardano – ADA

The world of cryptocurrencies: Cardano – ADA

The last years a new form of currency, a modern and digital currency has born and grow: cryptocurrenciesFamous cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have developed alongside which other cryptocurrencies more young and inexperienced and an example is CardanoThe cryptocurrency represents a world of a digital currency, separated from the classic international monetary control systems that can print money (such as the ECB, or the Federal Reserve) functioning through an encrypted mechanism, able to secure the digital transactions that originate, Cryptography on which they base their foundations all the new forms of cryptocurrencyThe gray area in which all cryptocurrencies are born allows to create an additional source of security as the system always maintains some trace for each monetary shift. This area has the advantage of not risking seizures. The various cryptocurrencies reached over time very high capitalization peaks, exceeding the sum of 50 billion dollars (real money with which they all interface). In recent years, this capitalization has pushed many investment banks to include among their assets the main representatives of this category. The main function of the cryptocurrencies is to carry out digital payments. The entire trading activity is in fact a subsequent evolution, the initial project was in fact to be able to freely move sums of money through a p2p (peer-to-peer) wallet system, creating a network of “junctions” on a world scale. Since the beginning it has been necessary to create a solid base of credibility around the new currencies that have had to set limits on the growth of supply, approaching in their own way the concept of classical currency.


Cardano was born as a revolutionary cryptocurrency in order to unite the best of Bitcoin (value deposit) and Ethereum (smart contracts). Recently Cardano has managed to rise through a huge leap, in the top 10 of the hundreds of cryptocurrencies existing, settling around a value of about $ 0.50, but the price seems to be destined to rise further. The choice of the name Cardano seems to be a tribute to the Italian Girolamo Cardano (1501 – 1576), a scientist and a passionate about calculating the probability. Cardano is the name of the platform, while the name for the cryptocurrency itself is ADAThe platform works through a layer system which allow easier management being a lot flexible. It is precisely in these that smart contracts are managed and the services are carried out operating on a blockchainIn Asia, Cardano has set up ATMs (25 only in Japan) specifically to withdraw currency without having to use online exchange systems.

Cardano vs Ethereum

Cardano was founded by one of the fathers of Ethereum – Charles Hoskinson-that left Ethereum because his vision was no longer in line with the Ethereum’s one. Cardano is defined by many as the Ethereum of Japan because the first target was Japan where buyers represent about 95% of the original supporters . Cardano, like Ethereum presents a mechanism for the creation of smart contracts. It is for this reason that the comparisons between Cardano and Ethereum play on these characteristic smart contracts and so they become rivals.

Cardano vs Bitcoin

Cardano as Bitcoin has the characteristic of anonymous currency, and the classic blockchain system. The Cardano’s team is working continuously making this blockchain the best for economic transactions, while implementing various features.

Cardano – the wallet

Cardano like al the cryptocurrencies needs an appropriate wallet to manage capital. Through these electronic portfolios, the user can send, receive and manage money in total freedom. The wallet available for Cardano cryptocurrency is called Daedalus it is completely functional for ADA and is extremely easy to useThe working team of Cardano has the purpose to be able to propose different wallet that allow to carry out all the functions of the above mentioned, in the next future, so as to be able to expand the offer of Cardano wallet.


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  1. A great reminder to all of us that in the vast crypto market there are not one or even two platforms that have the ability to create smart contracts. I think ADA has every opportunity to be in the investors portfolio. Thank you for the interesting details. I know that iota is very popular in Japan and the fact that ADA is also so popular in Japan, for me, was a discovery!

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