My first two articles concern IOTA [LINK] and EOS [LINK]. I originally planned to make one article with the name “Clear Coins with a bright future” and wanted to describe only IOTA, EOS and NEO in there. However I realized that this article would’ve been too long all in one. Also in the end I really have to admit that I have a better feeling about IOTA and EOS compared to NEO. If you compare NEO to IOTA or EOS (just in terms of investment value) I think it wouldn’t feel fair for me to put it in the same category as IOTA and EOS. That’s why this article has additionally “hopefully” in the title included.

Here’s a simple diagram to visualize what I mean:

-“The price is overvalued or undervalued right now” on the Y-Axis (high to low)

-“The significance of the project (future acceptance, usage and importance in general)” increases on the X-Axis (to the right side)

I would have really liked to set the dot for NEO much further on the right side. But I honestly think you can’t argue that you would have to factor risk in on a high level just because it has its origins and main development in china. On the other hand this gives a unique investment opportunity paired with kind of relative high secure level with the already ongoing development of NEO in china and the possibility for “outsiders” to invest in.

Looking at the concept of what they are doing I learned that they are rather slow in their development process because they don’t want to rush things – but therefore hopefully with a qualitative nice end result.

Recently I read that they started a project to develope some games on NEO in a competitive way. Probably not the only project to push development of the platform.

NEO’s possibility to launch easily new ICO’s is already an use case everyone can understand today. We already see how much new coins are created every day. You get the impression Its like when the internet were new and new websites are popping up… Of course its more complicated..! But that’s where NEO comes into play. It will allow companies or just people with NEO coins to create their own blockchain projects on the NEO blockchain relatively easy.

So very simple thought: Even if almost all projects that come out of NEO are not really good it only takes a few of them to make NEO very valuable in the future – at least that’s how I think about it right now … NEO is not the only but one of the first ones which offer this solution, so they should have an advantage in development.

Take this paired with the possibility to create yo own NEO-Eco-System-Money (NEO GAS) just for hodling your coins and it seems an optimal investment right now. Taking a look at the all time high you can see that NEO dropped a lot of its price. So this means there’s still much room to go up..!

This is not financial advice, but my opinion. You should also never ever listen to what somebody says blindly and do what they tell you – this concerns investing in crpyto currencies, any investments in general and your life – YOU make your own decisions!

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    1. Infosion Post author

      What I mean with “under/overvalued” in context of NEO for example is that is only a little bit undervalued at this time RIGHT NOW. That means I think the current price could also be a little bit higher, would still be justified and represent the correct value of the asset.
      It could also be the opposite: If NEO somehow jumps to 500 $ tomorrow than I would say it’s a little bit overvalued .. 😉

  1. Maelstrohm Black

    I am a strong believer in the NEO blockchain. There are a lot of exciting new projects being in development. Among these are NARRATIVE, a content oriented social network that plans to reward content creators with their native token, $NRVE. You can already take part in the alpha by reserving your spot here:
    There is also an upcoming music streaming platform named iMusify, which looks very promising. You can learn more on their website:
    Last but not least, there is a game in development called “Crypto Gladiators” that lets you pit collectible unique characters in combat against each other and earn NEO sGAS while doing so! The game is still glitchy, but you can already buy and sell gladiators and test them in combat. Here is the link to their site:
    So now, you have even more reasons to like NEO! 😀

  2. noDetailsHere

    right now most of the GOOD coins are undervalued. I bought NEO when it was 100 USD and still HODLING 😛
    In my mind, NEO has a great potential, because they don’t do a media pump as some coins do… so lets wait and see 😀